February 6

January in Room 28

This month, we started out by sharing our passion project to parents, teachers and students from both rooms 28 and 27. Everyone learned lots of new things! Many parents had positive feedback to give to their children and other students.

Next up, we had a presentation from CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind). A woman named Brianna visited us, and shared with us what it is like to be blind. She answered ALL of our questions, and we had lots. She even made every student from room 28 and 27 a card in braille that said our name and a message on it (it was: if you can read this message you can read the braille alphabet).


Then we held a festival day at our school. In the morning, room 28 had every class come down so we could teach them how to make bannock. In the afternoon we had the festival part which was named Festival du Voyageur, which was for grades K-4. Grade 6 students set up the stations and were running the stations, and grade 5 students were the leaders of the groups.


That’s all we had for this month. We hope we will have a great February because we leave for Camp Cedarwood on the 26th! We are so excited!


By Ivy and Lior

Room 28


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