February 7

Room 27: Hot Dog Lunch a Huge Success

January was a great month. One of our favourite days this month was the Bannock Making and Voyageur Day! In the morning Room 28 helped us make the bannock and we loved cooking it over the campfire. In the afternoon at the Voyageur Day, the Grade 6 students were in charge of teaching the students the games and making sure that everyone was participating and having fun. The Grade 5s were team leaders. They made sure that their team went to the correct stations. The Grade 4s were great role models for the younger students on their teams! We enjoyed all of the activities and had a lot of fun being outside!
Another activity we enjoyed this month was making hot dogs for the entire school! As a fundraiser for the Grade 5/6 Camp our class organized the Hot Dog Lunch. We labelled lunch bags in the days leading up to the sale. The day of the sale we had an assembly line of workers packing the bags with juice and cookies. Some kids wrapped all of the hot dogs and we packed those in the bags as well. We rushed to deliver the lunches to the classrooms before the bell. It was a huge success!
Our class finished up a study of Space in January. In December the Expert Groups taught their lessons and made their presentations in the last week of school. In January we followed up our learning by answering our big questions in our Science Journals.


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