May 31

Nursery & Kindergarten Students Learn About Community Helpers!

During the month of April, our class learned all about Community Helpers! The morning class got a visit from a Winnipeg Transit bus driver and a Canada Post worker.  Mrs. Kanaski forgot to take any pictures because she was so excited and interested in what our visitors had to say! The afternoon class got a visit from a City of Winnipeg paramedic driving the Major Incident Response Vehicle. We had a fun time exploring all of the different materials that paramedics use.


May 31

Gym Shorts


  • In June our physical education classes get outdoors as much as possible. We will be continuing our softball and t-ball units and end the year with a variety of outdoor activities. The Earl Grey Running Club has been well attended and the Gr. 4, 5, and 6 students who qualify will spend a morning at the annual Fit Run, June 5thm. at Assiniboine Park. With nearly 30 students expected to attend the event, this is one of our largest group of representatives ever!  Congratulations to all of our runners! Running club members will compete against other students from all over the division. The Running Club is a great opportunity to increase fitness, make new friends, and learn the joys of both recreational jogging and competitive racing.


  • The Gr. 5 – 8 Mini-Olympics was a great success. Team Japan claimed the championship with strong gold medal performances but also a complete team effort. Qualified students in Gr. 6 – 8 also received an invitation to attend the divisional track meet at the end of May.  Earl Grey had its best showing ever at the Divisional Track Meet, bringing home 11 ribbons.  Congratulations to all the athletes who represented Earl Grey School!


  • The K-4 track and field day is scheduled for the afternoon of June 20 (weather permitting). It is a great opportunity for the students to participate in track and field themed events. They will have a great time learning and competing while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Please remember to dress appropriately for the conditions. Running shoes are a necessity and hats and sunscreen are strongly recommended. Parents are welcome to join us that afternoon as well!


  • I would also like to remind students and parents that although the weather outside is nice and sandals and flip-flops are comfortable, it is extremely important for students to wear good running shoes for gym classes – safety is the number one concern but, in addition, students wearing sandals tend to not put in as great an effort during class. Also, students are reminded that although it is likely that they are wearing shorts and t-shirts to school it is still important to have a change of clothes for gym class. Poor hygiene (such as smelly clothes) plays a big part in the way our peers perceive us.


  • Finally, I would like to wish all students and parents a great summer vacation. Stay active, stay safe, and I look forward to seeing everyone again next year (even our Gr. 8 graduates who like to come back to visit).






May 16

Room 22 is wondering WHY???

Room 22 has been asking some questions about water recently. We’ve learned that rivers, lakes and streams contain freshwater and oceans and seas have saltwater. We read about how when water evaporates and the salt stays in the oceans and it only rains freshwater. We wanted to know what happens to objects in saltwater and freshwater? It turns out many objects end up floating when they are placed in saltwater. Our next question is why??


May 16

Room 25: Go Jets Go!!!

We have had a very busy month of learning.  We started working in groups studying different cities in Manitoba.  We chose these cities because they are close to the biomes that we had been studying.  Group work was fun but very challenging!


We have been been working very hard on our water inquiry unit.  We conducted experiments to see how hard it is to clean polluted water.  We watched videos on the impact of pollution on the environment and learned where our flushed water goes and where our tap water comes from.  We did the We Walk for Water because girls in Africa have to walk a long way for clean water.


We have been working really hard on our reading and writing.  We started a writer’s workshop and hope to have a Room 25 published book at the end of the year.


We have been closely following the Jets! Having whiteouts for every game day.  Go Jets Go!!!


By Absar, Sasha, Ethan and Abass


May 10

Lots Going On In Room 27

We started a new round of Passion Projects. Some of the topics are animals, sports, Ancient Greece and many more. We still have 6 more weeks left to finish our final project.

The Grade 5 Math class is doing Area and Perimeter and the Grade 4 class started their unit on long division. Grade 6 is doing area Perimeter, Area and Volume.

We’ve started to work on weather and Ojibway words like “aabawaa” which means its warm. A very funny one gichinoodin that means really windy. We have learned it with Ms. Spring, aka Mrs Ziigwan.

We have been looking at ways humans affect water. We did an experiment on oil spills and tried several methods to clean them up.

We ended April with the We Walk for Water. We walked with our buddies and carried water. We hope we raised awareness about how many places in the world do not have access to water.

By Zia, Taya, Riley and Kolby


May 8

Junior High Exam Schedule 2018

Exam                                                            Date

E.L.A. – Part One                                         Tuesday, June 12 a.m.

E.L.A. – Part Two                                        Wednesday, June 13 a.m.

Science                                                          Monday, June 15 a.m.

Math                                                               Tuesday, June 19 a.m.

Social Studies                                                Tuesday, June 20