May 10

Lots Going On In Room 27

We started a new round of Passion Projects. Some of the topics are animals, sports, Ancient Greece and many more. We still have 6 more weeks left to finish our final project.

The Grade 5 Math class is doing Area and Perimeter and the Grade 4 class started their unit on long division. Grade 6 is doing area Perimeter, Area and Volume.

We’ve started to work on weather and Ojibway words like “aabawaa” which means its warm. A very funny one gichinoodin that means really windy. We have learned it with Ms. Spring, aka Mrs Ziigwan.

We have been looking at ways humans affect water. We did an experiment on oil spills and tried several methods to clean them up.

We ended April with the We Walk for Water. We walked with our buddies and carried water. We hope we raised awareness about how many places in the world do not have access to water.

By Zia, Taya, Riley and Kolby


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