May 16

Room 25: Go Jets Go!!!

We have had a very busy month of learning.  We started working in groups studying different cities in Manitoba.  We chose these cities because they are close to the biomes that we had been studying.  Group work was fun but very challenging!


We have been been working very hard on our water inquiry unit.  We conducted experiments to see how hard it is to clean polluted water.  We watched videos on the impact of pollution on the environment and learned where our flushed water goes and where our tap water comes from.  We did the We Walk for Water because girls in Africa have to walk a long way for clean water.


We have been working really hard on our reading and writing.  We started a writer’s workshop and hope to have a Room 25 published book at the end of the year.


We have been closely following the Jets! Having whiteouts for every game day.  Go Jets Go!!!


By Absar, Sasha, Ethan and Abass


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