November 3


Our first term of the school year is almost complete. Elementary classes have completed their F.M.A (Fundamental Movement Assessment) and have been learning/practicing basic movement and fitness skills as well as some sport specific skills. The junior highs have completed tennis and fitness testing units and are currently learning about volleyball.


Our intramural program is now in full swing. Participation has been great but just to remind everyone, our grade 6-8 students attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The grade 4-5 students come on Wednesdays. Intramurals begin at 12:20 in the gym and students can stay right to 12:55.


The girls’ volleyball team has enjoyed some success during their season and are learning the not only the skills of volleyball but also how to work together as a team. This is the second year the school division has played Triple Ball. Triple Ball is a modified version of volleyball designed to better teach the skills of volleyball. The season ends November 20th with their final home game; come and watch!


If you would like to talk to me about anything regarding your child’s physical education experience, please phone me at school or send me an email (!


Mr. Armstrong




Fun Facts:

  • The first volleyballs were the bladders of basketballs until Spalding Company invented a separate volleyball in 1898. ​
  • Volleyball was originally called Mintonette, because of its similarity to Badminton. It also has some elements of tennis and handball and even baseball because in the original set of rules there were 9 innings with three outs (serves).
  • Colorful terminology is no stranger to volleyball as evident by such terms as a pancake – when the palm is flat on the floor and the ball pops up and play continues; a kong – when a player gets a one-handed block: goofy – when a player jumps with wrong foot first (while attacking); and joust – when the ball is falling directly on top of the net, two opposing players jump and push against the ball, trying to force it on their opponent’s side.

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