January 8

News from Room 26

In November we did coding! It was really fun! The Code Mobile came to Earl Grey.  They go all around Manitoba and talk to kids about coding.  We followed the teacher’s coding examples to create our own games.  We got to choose our own character, background, and even put music in our game.  It was so cool! We learned that coding has to be very specific in order for the computer to do its job.  We learned so much about coding and had a great time doing it.  

We spent a week creating models of the digestive system.  We made them using recyclables like milk cartons and tubes.  We went through a testing phase.  It was pretty cool.  Some of us had to make improvements because it didn’t work.  It helped us learn more about the digestive system.  

We have started working on our speaking skills by participating in T.U.S. C. (Totally Unique Speaking Club).  You can choose a variety of choices.  For example, there is a class clown role where you tell jokes and riddles.   Another example of a T.U.S.C. role is to ask an expert.  You would ask an expert about a topic and show your audience how to do it.  You can present in front of the class or tape yourself at home.  With T.US.C. youhave to find a fun way to present your information! 

During arts and culture with Madame Bento-Teves we have been drawing portraits of characters that have a connection with Salvador Dali.  In our portraits we had to include a clock like Dali.  The clock had to be melting and dripping in some sort of way. We had to use water colour pencil for the picture and your picture frame had to be full.  We watched videos that taught us how to use the water colour pencils properly.  That is what we did for arts and culture.   

We are almost ready to show our passion projects to our families, which we started in September.  We picked something we were passionate about and wanted to learn more about.  We work really hard every Day 4.  We meet in the library with Room 27 and Room 28.  Most of us are done finding our information.  Now we are finding a way to present it.  We are showing our passion projects to our families in January.

Thank you for reading Room 26’s November news! We are looking forward to many more exciting learning adventures in December.     

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