January 31

Gr 7/8 Genius Hour Reflections


This term in Genius Hour I chose to make a computer game. During the process of making this game I had some complications, for example I was starting from scratch with little to no knowledge about how to make a game or coding in general. I had to do a lot of researching and I had to decide what type of game I would make. Once everything was done and completed it was fulfilling knowing that I had successfully made my game. All in all it was a very fun experience and I would recommend it as long as that person picks something they are passionate about.

By: Shayne

I chose watercolor painting for my Genius Hour because it would give me more time to practice and have time to learn more about water and what tips and tricks I would  inherit through trial and error. Genius Hour was peaceful, giving me time to do what I loved during school hours. Genius hour is something that all depends on your choice of topic. You have to pick a topic or goal that you’re really interested in, so you enjoy it as much as did. It gives you a chance to learn something or act on something you are really passionate about.

By: Maddy

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