January 31

Room 28: In Our Classroom This Month


This month we started our new read aloud book: “Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher.¨ It’s about a kid who was running away from a girl, and found a magic shop. He was given an egg that was glowing different colours. He didn’t believe it at first, but it just so happened to be a dragon egg. So he has to learn how to raise a dragon baby, and the dragon keeps getting him into trouble! We think that the dragon is going to get really big and break their house. Jeremy might have to set the dragon free.

We are also learning about legends and writing our own. We have been reading some legends like “Cat and Rat” a Chinese zodiac legend by Ed Young and “Rainbow Crow”.


Passion Project Share Fair

Passion Project Sharing night was fun! There was snacks and drinks. Lots of people came both nights. All of the students did very well at presenting. Some people even brought models and examples of their topic. Nolan from Rm 27 even brought in his gecko Enigma!

Overall, we learned new ways to do a presentation, and we all had a really good time.

Grade 4 Swimming

This year the grade 4´s 1st swimming class was lots of fun! We used flutter boards and something happened, so we got to watch the lifeguards in action! We went to the lap pool and did activities and we were at swimming from 1:00-3:00pm. On our 2nd day of swimming, when we arrived at Pan Am Pool, we did the same but sadly we didn’t go to the Lap Pool. We practiced some diving and somersaults.


First Outdoor Learning Session

We got to go outside last week. We got to play Oh Deer, it was so much fun and the best part was we got to make a fort, and it was made out of tarps, sticks and bungee cords. We can’t wait until it warms up so we can go out again.


Science Rules!

In Science we started Chemistry, Mrs. Toulman showed us a video about what Chemistry is. Ms. Jessica from U of M’s W.I.S.E. program (Woman in Science and Engineering) came to our class and taught us about chemical reactions, we had a ziplock and we mixed two substances together inside the ziplocks and it expanded a lot – it almost exploded! We also made bouncy balls and molded it by rolling it around our hand, it didn’t work for some of us and made slime instead. We had lot of fun making it.  Some of us made different colored bouncy balls and slime. We could choose clear, red, or green, those were the colours they had.


The Arts


In Arts this month we made our own replica of a Ted Harrison painting. Our paintings were a picture of some outdoor scenes with lots of colors. We painted it with hot and cold colours to represent the snow and sky. Then we outlined it with sharpie.

In dance we have learned a dance with some easy steps and hard dance moves. In dance we also did a crazy workout to get ready to dance. We all appreciate our dance teacher and she does a great job! We also have a dance club which is really exciting because they get to enter competitions and get to do a lot of cool stunts.


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