March 21


This week is Spirit Week and we have seen many interesting outfits.  On Wacky Wednesday there were some crazy mixed up costumes.  From our class Evelyn was a milk superhero and Nolan was Gyna,  a made-up entertainer and was very entertaining.  Keziah covered her face in foam stickers and we called them foam pox.  Kalem wore LED glasses and Zia wore shorts on her head.  Asha wore shorts over her pants and two different shoes. Madoka, Stefan, Kenneth, Kadan, Keziah, Ariel, Zia, Asha, Emma, Taya and Alex wore their clothing backwards.  Madex wore an overgrown shirt with two different shoes.  Taya also wore two different shoes.  Ariel and Keziah wore their shoes on the wrong feet.  On Twin Day Saboor didn’t need to wear matching clothes as he already has a twin.  Many of our class dressed as twins and wore hats for  Hat Day.

Earlier this month we went the Winnipeg Music Festival at the Westminster United Church.  Our choir performed two songs and received silver.


We also had Student Led Conferences this month.  We did some science experiments.  In one of the experiments we put an antacid tablet in a film container with a bit of water.  The pressure of the gas, carbon dioxide, forced the lid off the film container with a pop!  We scared a few of the parents.  One of the things we shared was our Salvador Dali art.  We also shared our writing pieces and our Book Club book.   Some of us visited the Music Room, French Room the Gym.

As we write this, we are looking forward to the Gym Riot this afternoon and our field trip to Grosvenor School tomorrow to watch the play Torn Through Time.  We are also looking forward to SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!


Shared Writing – Written by Room 27 Students

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