April 4

March in Room 28


March was a great month for Room 28! We did so many amazing things! We had our first Outdoor Session, we made Volcanoes, did chemical change experiments, had student-led conferences and many more exciting and awesome things.

We have started reading a new read aloud book. It’s called “‘Mine!” by Natalie Hyde. It’s about a boy named Chris Dearing, he has to change his family’s luck, and we have to read to find out how. He is on his way to the Yukon now to claim his grandfather’s gold mine. It’s a really great book so far!

In math the grades 4s and 5s have been working on perimeter and area, and we made our dream houses. Some of the plans had things like indoor pools with slides, trampolines, movie rooms and mini restaurants right in the house! Now are working on volume and capacity.

In our outdoor sessions we have been learning how to use hand tools. So far we learned how to use a hand drill, and many of us made a hole that went right through the piece of wood. We also have made shelters. Outdoor sessions are awesome!

In Science, we made volcanoes to make them explode! Did you know that when baking soda and vinegar mix you get foam? That is a chemical change. It smelled disgusting! Making the volcanoes was hard but it was worth it.

In March, Room 28 made our very own dragons. We could use any materials we wanted to design and make the dragons. A lot of people used clay and everyone else used paper and colour pencils. Everyone’s dragons looked really cool!

We have been writing about our cultures and the story behind our names, and right now we are writing about a special meal we have had with a family member. Everyone had such great ideas, and described their food so well. We were all starving when we finished reading!

In March we went to our first outdoor session at Fort Whyte Alive. It was the best day of March. We had lots of fun. We made nature notebooks, learned how to tie knots, and many more things. We liked doing the human camera activity where we got to take pictures of things we noticed in the forest. We even had an hour to explore the forest. There was a snowball fight, people were climbing trees, people found animal tracks, and someone even found a deer’s bed. Thank you to Jimmy, Thomas and Humera, the parent volunteers who came with us. We’re excited to go again in April!




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