April 5

Junior High @ Earl Grey

The junior highs have been busy at work for the past month. In math, the junior highs

have started working with integers, the grade 7’s learning how to add and subtract with

integers and the grade 8’s learning how to multiply and divide. In science we have

been working with solutions and mixtures.  In language arts, we finished the novel

Red Wolf and wrote an argumentative essay to answer in response to the question, “Were

the creation of Indian residential schools an attempt to commit cultural

genocide.” In social studies we have been learning about human rights around the world.

As a concluding assignment, we each picked a person or an event to research, wrote an essay

and had to produce a visual component that summarized the person or event and which

human rights had been violated.

The highlight of the month was the ski trip to holiday mountain on the 7th of March.

Even though we had to get up before the crack of dawn it was worth it. Some people

snowboarded, some people skied while a few spent most of their time in the lodge. There

were several funny moments and we all had a good time.


Before going on spring break we had gym riot on the last Thursday. The gym riot was for

grade 5-8 students who were put in 3 teams, The Black Cats, The Gray Wolves and The Red

Phoenix. Some events were for the whole team while some events required the participation

of only some of the team. The last event was the pie eating contest which was dominated by

the girls.

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