April 5

Room 26: The Day the Books Left

We enjoyed “I Love to Read” month because we REALLY love to read!   We decided to share our love for books at our assembly by performing a play about books!  We worked together to brainstorm the concept for the play and helped create a script.  “The Day the Crayons Left” written by Oliver Jeffers was used for inspiration.  Our play, “The Day the Books Left”, is about eight students and their eight angry books.  The books aren’t treated right, and they have up and left.  The books are angry because their owners were not taking care of them.  They are tired of getting damaged, dirty, and neglected.  The books write letters to their owners communicating their discontent.  The students in the play realize they were wrong and promise to change.  The books eventually come back to be with their owners because they love to be read, and their owners love to read. Everyone had an important role to play in the performance and there was great team work on and off the stage!


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