April 9

Room 15: Our Weather Station

Lion weather is called lion weather because lions are very tough. Lion weather can be stormy, windy, or rainy. Lamb weather is very nice like lambs. Lamb weather is sunny. It can be blue sky and have no clouds or white fluffy clouds. – Brody


I painted the weather station. I like to play in the weather station. – Jaxson

I used lots of paint. – Charlie


I made a rainbow! It is colourful. – Alexa

The colours in the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. Roy G. Biv is an elf that lives in the rainbow. He helps me remember the colour order. – Maggie


I painted a sun for our weather station. Sunny weather is my favourite. – Lily


We coloured the map for the meteorologist. It was a map of Canada. We live in Manitoba. – Logan


I work at a weather station. I tell everybody what to wear for the day. – Talon


Snow comes out of the clouds. – Dmittri


We sang weather songs for the assembly. I wore a cloud. I like sunny weather. – Sage


I am dressing the weather bear for the weather. The bear wears different clothes in different seasons. My favourite season is summer. – Meagan


I helped make the weather binoculars. Scientists use binoculars. – Salam


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