May 17

Gym Riot Review by Mariam, Room 26

Gym Riot

Gym Riot is an event that Earl Grey School does almost every year. In Gym Riot there are 3 teams. Every year the teams select a name. This year the team names were Black Cats, Grey Wolves and Red Phoenix. Kids in Grade 5-8 participate in Gym Riot.  The team that wins gets pizza as a prize. Some of the Grade 4s are the judges.  I was a judge this year.

As a judges we told the players which team had the nicest poster and chant.  Our job was to also keep track of points. Whoever came in 1st got 5 points. Whatever team came in 2nd got 3 points and whoever came in 3rd place got 1 point.

There are 8 different types of activities in Gym Riot. One activity is called Black Hole. Black Hole is when the teams divide into half. The first person holds up a hoop. Then another person run through the hoop and holds the other person’s hand and both of them run through the hoop. This repeats again and again and again until their entire team is on one side.

Another event is the pie eating contest. This event was my favourite. There’s one person from each team that puts a garbage bag on. They have to try to eat pie without using their hands. Someone holds the plate and does whatever the person eating the pie wants them to. When they finish they have pie all over their face.



In third place was Black Cat with 37 points. In second place was Grey Wolves with 39 points and in first place was Red Phoenix with 42 points. The winners had a pizza lunch as their reward.  The people on the Red Phoenix team were very proud of themselves.


Written by Mariam, Gym Riot Judge, from Room 26

May 17

Room 22: You have GOT to read this book!

You have GOT to read this book!  Room 22 loved “My Mouth is a Volcano!” by Julia Cook.  It is a hilarious book about interruptions.  The main character is Louis whose words erupt like a volcano!  He interrupts everybody!  He does not realize that this is a problem until his classmates start to interrupt him.  This book is a perfect reminder for all ages to wait your turn to speak.  We all feel appreciated when people take turns.  Watch out, a volcano could erupt around you at any moment!