June 6

Kelvin High School Visits Room 27

Did you know it is the 100th anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike right now?   We do and we have been learning about it in our class.  On June 5, eight Grade 10 students from Kelvin High School came to share their research projects and learning about the strike.

We learned about why the strike happened and what events led up to it.  One of the projects was about two leaders of the strike, J.S. Woodsworth and Helen Armstrong.  Helen was the only female strike leader.  She organized a food kitchen because so many people did not have enough money to buy food.  She also advocated for women’s rights in the workplace such as safety measures for the dangerous machines and chemicals that were in many of the factories where women worked.  J.S. Woodsworth spoke out about low wages and thought that people had the right to ask for a fair wage that was enough to pay rent and food.


One of our visitors wrote a song about the strike and played the guitar and sang to us.  It was awesome!  Another project was a board game.  We played in teams and had to answer questions as we played.  Zia, Aira Mae and Emma won and they got lollipops that had some information attached to it.  We also heard about fashion and music at the time.


It was a great presentation.  Thank you Kelvin High School for sharing your learning with us!


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