June 12

May News from Room 25 (And….The Worm Story)

Room 25 decided we were going to write a narrative story that focused on specific details like numbers, shapes, sizes, quotes, colours and names.  We worked really hard on the story as a whole group.  Ms. Vik helped up design our props, and we practiced and practiced acting the story out.  It was so much fun!

The Worm Story

Once upon a time there was an awesome class.  They were the students in room 25 at Earl Grey school in Winnipeg.  They enjoyed their learning so much, and came to school everyday excited to learn with smiles shining bright! Until that frightful day when the worms escaped!! How did it happen? Why did it happen? Let us tell you.


On Friday when everyone was getting ready to leave for the weekend, Mr.Shenkarow forgot to feed the worms (he’s getting old)!  The worms were starving,furious and nasty!! They needed to escape so they tried to dig through the bin, but they failed!!  They saw a tiny sliver of light and 100’s of them piled up and made a humungous morphed worm and escaped through the drain hole!


At 12:00 AM the worms squiggled to Mr. Shenkarow’s desk. They saw the biggest, shiniest neon green glowing apple.  The worms were so attracted to the sight, that they went to take tiny, juicy bite out of it.  They were so hungry they couldn’t stop there- they ate the whole thing!  But what they didn’t know was that it was RADIOACTIVE!!! After 5 minutes something mysterious happened they turned gigantic, green and radioactive.


Mr. Shenkarow comes to school very early with an apple and to feed and check on the worms, but they aren’t there!  He starts to panic.  He looked high, he looked low and out of the corner of his eye from the hallway he saw the green glowing light.  He went toward the light and saw the worms.  He ran as fast as Sonic the hedgehog to Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Toulman the worm wizards of Earl Grey.  “what’s the matter Mr. Shenkarow?”

“ The worms!! They escaped and they are green, angry and they are chasing me!!”  They knew just what to do.  They made a brown, ugly, bubbly looking potion.  He carefully put the potion on the apple and headed toward the worms.  He put the apple in front of the worms, and they wormed straight to it and gobbled up the whole thing.  They started getting woozy and fell asleep.


While they were asleep they slowly shrank down to normal size, and normal colour.  He put them in a bucket and placed them carefully back home in the bin.

The school bell rang, the students came into class with their smiles and never knew what happened! He never ever forgot to feed the worms again!


The End

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