November 8

Have You Heard of Terry Fox

Have you heard of Terry Fox? When kids are in charge, it’s a different story. This year, we created a Terry Fox Committee made up of Grade 5 and 6 students from Room 27.  In the beginning, there were only 3 Grade 6’s  struggling to use their scissors to cut out paper shoes.  Our teacher, Mrs. Last, asked if there were any Grade 5’s that wanted to join the committee.  Five Grade 5’s joined the committee and started to make posters for the event.  We made posters to represent the provinces that Terry Fox ran through on his marathon of hope.  We counted and recounted tattoos and stickers for each classroom.  Based on what we raised in previous years, we made a goal of $500.  Each morning committee members collected Toonies for Terry from Earl Grey Students, Staff and Community.  One of us even stood and ran through rain to spread the work.  The patrols set up at various corners and crossroads to make sure everyone was following the running path.  The run went very well but was very tiring.  In the end we raised $620.25 which meant we reached our goal.  We had an assembly and we did a draw of all the students who brought in a Toonie or more and one person got a Terry Fox T-shirt and another person got to throw a pie in Mr. Shenkarow’s face!!!!


Your Terry Fox Committee,
Evelyn, Maddox, Keziah, Madoka, Zia, Shay, Zac, Remmington

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