December 17


Many of our students designed posters for our really big show!!!!

Our staff looked at all of them and chose the top 11 posters!

Then our students voted on the top 5 posters!

We are releasing one each day but they are all featured on our program!

Congratulations to our artists Keziah & Luiza!!!


Congratulations to Eden, Sadie & Madeline!!!!

December 16

Room 15’s Pet Palace

We wanted to learn all about pets. We wondered what do pets do all day? – Varla

Come read our bulletin board outside our classroom to find out what we think pets do all day!


We used lots of cardboard and paint to create our Pet Palace. Pets can come and see a veterinarian, a groomer or stay at the hotel. – Ella Sophia



Pets can stay at the hotel. We are learning how to speak Cree. Atim means dog. – Elliot


We love reading books about Pets! I recommend reading Walter the Farting Dog. – Dorian



I’m a groomer. My job is to groom pets. I am looking at the turtle’s teeth to see if they need to be brushed. – Scarlett



I am a vet! – Elias


I am pretending to be a receptionist. My job is to help customers with their pets. It is important to smile and ask the customers how I can help them. – Ashlyn



I am a pet owner. I am filling out the paper work for my pet. – Jonah


I can look at animal bones on the xrays. – Esmond

I need to measure how much the turtle weighs and how tall she is before she has her sleepy medicine for surgery. – Camila



December 16

Room 13 Learned All About Colours!!!

This month we learned all about Colours! We know that the primary colours are red, yellow and blue.  When you mix them together, you make the secondary colours: green, orange and purple.  We also learned that adding white makes colours lighter and adding black makes them darker.  We experimented with paint, food colouring, and pastels. Mrs. Kanaski helped us to practice and write colour words. We love our song about colours too!


December 16

Room 13 Learned All About Trees

We learned all about trees! We know lots of parts of the tree.
The roots are under the ground and soak up water.
The trunk holds the tree up and keeps it strong.
The branches hold the leaves up to the sun.
The leaves soak up the sunlight and help the tree make food.

We learned how animals use trees. They eat the nuts, fruit and leaves. Some animals even live in trees!

People use trees too. We use them to get yummy syrup. We cut them down and use the wood to build things like houses and tables.

Did you know that you can tell how old trees are? When you look at the inside of trees there are rings. The number of rings is how many years old the tree is!

There are 4 seasons. We learned about how the leaves on a tree look in each season. In Fall they are very colourful! They are red, orange, yellow, brown and sometimes purple. In Winter, there are no leaves, but evergreen trees are still green. In the Spring, new little leaves start to grow back on the trees. In the summer, trees have nice big green leaves!!




December 16

Room 21: What a Celebration!!!!

Room 21 has been busy preparing for our up coming assembly and End of the Year Spanish Celebration on Dec 11th. For our assembly, we will performing to the song “La Vida es in Carnaval” by Celia Cruz. We have been learning a lot about many famous Spanish people and Celia Cruz was one of them! We learned that Celia Cruz was a Cuban artist and was known as the “Queen of Salsa.” We are so excited to perform our dance that highlights that life is a carnival and to enjoy life!

During the past month, we had many guest speakers come in to teach us about many Spanish speaking countries such as Cuba, Spain, Ecuador and Argentina. We also had some high school students, that are studying Spanish, visit our school to teach us about MAÍZ (corn). We are very excited to to showcase our learning during our End of the Year Spanish Celebration!


We had a great celebration on Wednesday, Dec 11  in the gym! Thanks for joining us!

December 16

Junior High November News

The junior highs recently took part in the Global Read Aloud which see students all over the world reading the same book at the same time.  Our book, “The Bridge Home,” was about two sisters living in India who run away from home due to an abusive father. The girls end up meeting two other homeless children, Arul and Muthu, and together they work the garbage heaps of India as “ragpickers.”    

We also took part in a postcard exchange with 44 other schools in many different countries. Our postcards were created with a mix of many of our ideas for what we wanted to say to other schools about our city and ourselves.

We’ve started to receive postcards as well! So far we’ve gotten about fifteen cards from some of the following locations: Texas, Kansas, Ontario, and Nebraska!

In Social Studies, we took part in a group art activity which tied into our most recent learnings. We’ve been thinking about human ancestors and the way they expressed themselves. More specifically, we’ve been learning cave art! Why it was created, when it was created, how it was created, and by who it was created.

Our Social Studies teacher thought it would be interesting to express our findings in a new and creative way, which we all really enjoyed. We did research on where cave art could be found all around the world, then picked specific pieces to recreate. We used chalk pastels and paint to create our art, and made title cards describing where and when our pieces can be found. The junior high students thought it was a cool way to remember and understand new things. Many of us loved the artistic aspect! We also liked that we were able to cover a big wall with all of our paintings, like a cave of our very own. Here are some examples of our cave art:

In Science, we did a pig heart dissection on the 28th.

Some of us really enjoyed the dissection portion and some of us preferred to watch. Either way, we all learned new things and it was an interesting experience!

Though some of us thought it would be gross and scary, it wasn’t nearly as bad as any of us had thought it would be.

It was a really good way to apply what we had already been learning to a real-life situation! I know that I certainly remember a lot more thanks to this opportunity.

We also had some really amazing instructors who showed us exactly what to do and how to do it. They helped us understand what we were doing, and made sure we had a good time!



December 16

Room 23’s Unbelievable Book Recommendation

Are you looking for a good book? Well do we have the book for you!  The book is called “The Truth about My Unbelievable Summer” by Davide Cali.

The book is about a boy going on an adventure in the summer. During his adventures he kept getting into different types of troubles such as being chased by mummies in Egypt, an octopus that was trying to eat him and being chased by pirates.

We figured out that someone had planned this adventure for him. Who do you think it is?

We hope you will be amazed by this book!

-Room 23


December 16

Room 26 & Room 28’s Field Trip to Fort Whyte

Last month, Rm. 28 and Rm. 26 went on a field trip to Fort Whyte.

In the group that I was in, we did an activity called “Adapt Or Die”. We started of with two plates and two boxes, and chopsticks, tweezers, and things like that. The tools were supposed to represent different bird beaks and how their structural adaptation helps them survive.for example, we would use the tweezers to grab plastic worms  by putting it through a hole in the box as an American Robin does.

After that we did another activity where we went to the creek. We could have a bucket, and a net. We were supposed to catch as many little animals as we could. We caught a lot of water black larvaes.

After lunch, we played a game called predator and prey.

The rules were that you would either be a herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore. There was also a human, but we’ll get to that later.

We all had life chips. The herbivores had 8, the omnivores would have 4, and the carnivores would have less than 4.

The herbivores would run away from omnivores and carnivores and a human to survive, an omnivore had to hunt herbivores and run from carnivores and a human, and the carnivores had to hunt the herbivores and omnivores, and run from the human.

By the way, you all had to get 6 stations in a piece of paper with some kind of special orange holepuncher.

The game was pretty fun, but we all learned a lot from the trip.  We all learned how structural and behavioral adaptations helped different animals survived. It was very fun, and I would recommend to go to Fort Whyte.



December 16

Room 25 November news

In November we welcomed Maddy to room 25. Everyone is really happy Maddy came. We just finished Winn Dixie and had a popcorn and pyjama party while we watched the movie. Now we are reading Wonder which we are loving! We are singing multiplication songs in Math and it is so fun!!!  In Science we are learning about light and we even made colour wheels so we could create white light- It was so cool!  We are having fun, and working hard in Room 25!!

-Room 25


December 16

Earl Grey Eagles for Equality – Busy Helping Others

EEE is the Earl Grey Eagles for Equality.  We meet every day 4 at lunch and discuss various issues both at school, in the community and abroad.


EEE has been a very busy group in November.  We collected 145 lbs of food that we donated to Winnipeg Harvest.


We are now working on filling 100 EEE empowerment shoe boxes to help the homeless.  We are still looking for donations of toiletries, clothes for winter and children’s books and toys.