December 16

Room 15’s Pet Palace

We wanted to learn all about pets. We wondered what do pets do all day? – Varla

Come read our bulletin board outside our classroom to find out what we think pets do all day!


We used lots of cardboard and paint to create our Pet Palace. Pets can come and see a veterinarian, a groomer or stay at the hotel. – Ella Sophia



Pets can stay at the hotel. We are learning how to speak Cree. Atim means dog. – Elliot


We love reading books about Pets! I recommend reading Walter the Farting Dog. – Dorian



I’m a groomer. My job is to groom pets. I am looking at the turtle’s teeth to see if they need to be brushed. – Scarlett



I am a vet! – Elias


I am pretending to be a receptionist. My job is to help customers with their pets. It is important to smile and ask the customers how I can help them. – Ashlyn



I am a pet owner. I am filling out the paper work for my pet. – Jonah


I can look at animal bones on the xrays. – Esmond

I need to measure how much the turtle weighs and how tall she is before she has her sleepy medicine for surgery. – Camila



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