October 14

Room 21 LOVES Patterns

Last week, Room 21 began to explore patterns. We read a book about patterns together and talked about all the different places where we can find patterns. We learned that patterns are everywhere and are very important. Please allow us to share with you where we have observed patterns in our lives. Patterns can be found in nature, in time, on animals and insects, on our clothes, in the classroom, and even in our hair!

Patterns Are Everywhere

We know that patterns can change shape, colour, size, and direction.

There is a pattern in a number line that goes on forever (Harlow).







There is a pattern in the alphabet (Elena).

In nature, the leaves change colour every season. They turn green in the summer, brown or orange or yellow in the fall, brown in the winter, and back to green in the spring time  (Arianna and Elena).

The grass outside has a pattern because it goes grass, dirt, grass, dirt, grass, dirt… (Hans).

Animals have patterns.  Zebras have black and white stripes, cats can have black and white spots like Ben’s cat, tigers have orange and black stripes, cheetahs and jaguars have black dots with orange-brownish colour, dogs have many patterns like brown with white and black (Joshua, Ben, Caitlin, Elena, Carlitos).

Insects can have patterns too. Lady bugs are insects with red, black, and white dots on their back. Sometimes they are orange. Bumblebees have striped patterns with lines that are yellow and black (Hans and Anna).

Our Spanish days of the week wheel repeats over and over again. It goes lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes, sabado, y domingo (Anna).

Stepping stones found outside of houses on their paths have patterns too (Arianna).

Water bottles can have patterns too, like Ben’s blue and yellow water bottle (Ben).

Clothes have patterns, like Señorita Garcia’s elephant skirt and Hans’ striped shirt (Anna).

Ben’s space theme pants or Joshua’s striped sweatpants also have a pattern (Ben and Joshua).

Baskets can have patterns in their weaving going in and out, in and out. Braids have patterns, kind of like baskets do (Sofia and Carlitos).

There is a blue, white, and green pattern of zigzag stripes in our classroom’s bulletin board (Sofia).


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