November 3

Room 28 is Diving into Poetry

Room 28  spent the last month and a half diving into Poetry!


We have looked at poems made by other students as well as some more established authors as mentor texts to explore.   The students had opportunities to write different styles of poems including: free verse, acrostic, diamente, cinquaine, and haiku. Our topics ranged from the seasons around us to our Science topic, Weather, and many more.  We had the chance to learn about various types of figurative language such as: metaphors, simile, alliteration, imagery and onomatopoeia.  To wrap up our unit we are going to create and publish a class anthology, or collection, of poems!


We also made an art project based on Onomatopoeia. This was inspired by the art in graphic novels and the use of words that sound like the meaning of the word.

Check it out!




Thank you,

Ms. Savannah Funk-Unrau

Grades 5/6 Room 28

Earl Grey School

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