May 11

Why We Should Go On More Field Trips

We live in an age where many of us are on screens, not many people are interacting with each other.  But at school we can see our friends and on field trips we can make new friendships with other people.  When it comes to field trips, they don’t always have to be educational. But do you consider learning how to make new friends educational?  Field trips do not always have to be about science, math or writing, it can also be about making learning more fun.  Experiences with other people can be educational and fun. Making memories is important too.  On field trips you can work on team building and exploring the world.  In my opinion, I think we should go on more field trips. If we stay in the classroom all of the time, kids might get bored of learning in the classroom.  Learning can be everywhere, not just in the classroom.  To sum up, I hope I convinced you to take us on more field trips.

P.S. Can we go to a water park because it is summer weather? Please?

Sofia – Room 25

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