May 25

Room 27: Level Up Project

Hello, this is Earl Grey School, Room 27. We have been working on the Level up project. Our class understands that some people are less fortunate than us.  So we have been working in MINECRAFT about making Winnipeg more sustainable, affordable and a better place for everyone. Our class focused on more green spaces and less hunger along with homeless shelters, rooftop farming and more gardens. We have added more water fountains and more access to public parks and physical activities such as Baseball,Basketball and Tennis Courts. Our fellow classmates have also been working on houses, gardens, and elderly housing. Another problem we have been working on is good jobs and education for everyone like less expensive colleges or universities and more schools around the city. We believe that we have achieved the goals that we set for ourselves: no homelessness, hunger and no poverty. 


Let’s Build Winnipeg!

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