September 16

Terry Fox Run

We are from Earl Grey School and we are trying to raise a goal of $700 for the Terry Fox Foundation. Did you know that Terry Fox raised over 8 million dollars for Children’s cancer research?  His legacy is still going. We are going to do laps around the school so that we can continue marathon of hope.   Just like his motto says, “Always finish what you started.”

Writers: Willow, Peyton, Juliette, Belle, Kaydie, Shaylee


Our Terry Fox Video

May 13

I Really Enjoyed Mini Olympics!

When the day first started, I felt pretty nervous for some reason. Not that I was worried to do sports and all that. I was scared to lose (Spoiler alert: I got 4th place in almost everything. Heart broken currently). The first thing we did was the 1500m race. The grade 8s were first, followed by grade 7s, 6s, and 5s. Thankfully the boys always ran first so me and my friends had some time to chill. When it was our turn to run, I was slightly terrified, and by the end of all 4 laps around the dog park everyone was pretty much dead and tired. Watching all the younger kids run was crazy to be honest. Some of them are FAST! Seeing them all fall to the ground dramatically with exhaustion was also kind of funny.

While the grade 7, 6, and 5s were still running, grade 8 boys and girls did different activities. Girls did discus and boys did long jump. Discus was pretty hard in my opinion, although some girls could get it spinning quite nicely. By this point it was getting pretty cold with dark clouds and slight wind, but at least it was close to lunch time. At around 11:30 we switched so the girls did long jump. I kind of sucked, but man, not Sadie! She was the best in our class and the whole school! I think she jumped a little over 3 meters! Crazy, right?

During the second half of the day the weather changed completely! It turned hot and the sun was nicely out with no more grey clouds. Which kind of sucked because the last three races (800m, 400m, and 200m) left me the most tired so the heat didn’t help. After those deadly runs we had more calm things like triple jump and shot put. We waited practically eight years to do triple jump which left the sun truly cooking, but at least I didn’t get sunburned (like Riley, who’s skin is now suffering). To be honest triple jump was a bit hard. It was easy in practice but the nerves during actually jumping messed me up. The easiest by far from my experience was shot put. All you really have to do is push, though I was terrified of hitting one of my teachers with it! Then finally after that last activity it was the end of the day. Even with all the leg pain I currently have, I will always remember and associate it with being such a fun day! I really enjoyed Mini Olympics.


Blog Writer: Lola, Grade 8

May 13

Grade 5-8 Mini-Olympic Day

Do you want to know what we did at our Mini-Olympics here at Earl Grey? Here to tell you are the 4 blog writers – Chloe, Victoria, Shay & Natalie from Room 26.  Here is some information about this exciting day.  During the Mini-Olympics we were split into 3 different teams named after countries: Canada, Brazil and Japan.  We started off with a 4 lap run around the dog park which exhausted half the kids.  After the race was finished the girls headed to discus and the boys to long jump. Discus is a skill you can learn anywhere.  The discus gets bigger with each grade you go up by.  You hold the disk with the hand you write with on the bottom and your other hand on the top. For long jump, you run then jump and try to get the farthest. Next was the speed race, you line up with 3 people, teachers are standing at the end and timing each person.  The shortest time wins. Then we had a lunch break which saved us all! But then sadly, we all had to come back at 1:00 for more!  We had to run right after we ate!  It was horrible! Our stomachs were twisting and turning!  Next we did the 2 lap/800 metre race. Then the girls went to triple jump and the boys went to shot put.  At the triple jump, first you start running and then when you get to a certain point you hop, step and jump.  To cool every girl down, we decided to have a water fight – the boys were doing it too, but not as bad as the girls. We got soaked!!! After that we did the “L” race, the 200 metre race. You got a score at each activity. Your goal is to get in the top 5. If you won first place you got 10 points, second place got 8 points and third place gets you 6 points, 4th place gets you 4 points and 5 place gets you 1 point. For the Mini-Olympics we recommend that you know your team and that you have a water bottle.  Teachers stood at the end of the race to cheer you on and encourage you. No matter if you get first or tenth, you have to participate in 8 or more events to get a good mark. This is the 4 blog writers signing off – have a great life!

April 28

Passion Projects

In March, the Grade 3-6 students in Room 23, 24, 27, and 28 completed Passion Projects. Students were given time to explore their curiosities and formed questions to drive their learning. Students had lots of great questions about the world around them. Some learners wondered, “How was Lego invented?”, “How do you become a news reporter?” or “Why did World War 2 start?”. Wonders filled the classroom and excitement was in the air. Students eventually developed a big question, planned and researched over a 4-8 week block. Learners used many resources to help them learn about their topics, including speaking to experts in our community and conducting their own experiments to gather data. Students shared their learning with their peers in so many creative ways. From cooking to coding, the students enjoyed learning about so many different and unique passions.



April 28

EPC Saves The World

We are EPC – Earth Protection Crew.  We are trying to save the earth by picking up garbage every morning and afternoon recess.  We use time to do good instead of playing.  We noticed a candy wrapper outside when we would out at recess, and I remember that last year we had picking up garbage club and we thought why can’t we do it again.  We just started this week and we already collected approximately 10 full bags of garbage. Our plan is to separate the garbage by what can be recycled and what can’t.  We use plastic gloves because don’t want to touch garbage.


We are planning to start a EPC -J (Junior) for our siblings and other kids that are in younger grades that are interested in picking up trash.

We encourage other students to use their time to do good.

Watch for our logo, which we are working on.

-A message from EPC

EPC: Noah, Caleb, Bram, Suzanne, Elena, Alistair (Room 25 & 29)

April 28

Summer by Atticus, Grade 3

Light wind grazes on your face while playing with your friends and family in the water.

You sink your feet in the warm grass while laughing with your friends on a hot summer day.

Colour breathes through the air.

Your shoes get comfortable in the dirt when you’re eating at a park bench.

While you are walking you see animals running to flowers playfully.

You see trees at the playground.


Author: Atticus, Grade 3, Room 16

“Eating at a park bench is something I did during summer break.”

October 8

Earl Grey 150 Video

This week we did all of the prep work for our minute and a half “Tell Us The Most Important Things About Earl Grey” Video!

On our morning announcements, Ms. Penner told all of the students to talk to their teachers if they were interested in creating this video.  Senor Gaston emailed that teachers asking for students that would be interested in creating and recording a voice over to accompany our video.  We have amazing students at Earl Grey!

The first group of students met and created storyboards of what they thought people should know about Earl Grey.  From these storyboards, we created a shot list for the videographer who filmed at our school on Thursday. Here are a few of the storyboards created by our students.


The second group of students read through and practiced their lines and then recorded the voice over that will play as we watch the video. Here is a sneak peek……


We are excited to see the final product!

September 30

Every Child Matters

Yesterday, we started our morning as a school community listening and learning. We have been reading and having conversations to help us learn more about the National Truth and Reconciliation Week. Many classes having been learning about Indigenous Peoples and Residential Schools for most of September.

We were honoured to learn from Elder Audrey Bone at our assembly.  She shared some teachings, some stories and encouraged us to be the best we could be, to be kind to one another and to know that each and every one of us is special.

Here are the slides of our assembly.  Thank you to Earl Grey Eagles for Equality, students, staff and Elder Audrey for sharing with us.