November 5

Room 27  Studies Canada Long Ago and Shares Their Learning With Their Buddies

Room 27 have embarked on an inquiry into Canada long, long ago. The students have each chosen to research the Ice Age or the Indigenous People before contact with Europeans.  They are working hard to collect information and then decide on ways to communicate their learning with the class and possibly other classes.

The students in Room 27 did communicate their learning of Agriculture by setting up four interactive stations for their Room 16 Buddies.  They shared their learning about Crops Grown in Manitoba, Wheat to Flour, Canola to Canola Oil and The Story of Agriculture in Manitoba.

November 5

Room 23’s October Blog Story

We Skype with kids from New Jersey, in USA.  They are Mrs. Berckerman’s class. We ask questions about their country and they ask questions about our country. We like Skyping with them to tell them all the things we do. We like Skyping with them so we can see our new friends. We learned that they celebrate Halloween, but it is not the same as ours. They give things, but they also get things. We learned that their school is a Jewish school. Instead of Christmas, they celebrate Hanukah. The holiday of Hanukah lasts for eight days, and at the end of each day, they get gifts.  We have been reading a lot of the same books as they have read including, “My Heart Fills with Happiness” by Monique Gray Smith, “Wild Berries” byJulie Flett and “You Hold Me Up” also by Monique Gray Smith.

November 5

Room 15 is Eating Healthy

Lots of sugar is not healthy for your body. You can’t eat it all the time. Its a sometimes food. – Logan

Sugar can’t help your body concentrate. Candy has lots of sugar. – Alexa

You have to brush your teeth after eating candy. You don’t want sugar bugs to rot your teeth. – Saya

You can’t bring your Halloween candy to school for snack. Its not healthy. – Salam

If you eat too much candy, you get sick. – Dontai

You can eat one candy for lunch snack. – Dmitrii

You have to eat healthy stuff for breakfast. Fruit and cereal is healthy. Chocolate bars and suckers are not healthy. – Brooklyn

Moms and Dads need to check our candies before we can eat it. Sometimes wrappers fall off and there might be germs on the candy. – Lily

If you bring candy to school, you might not be a good learner. If you want to bring it to school, you can’t. Its not healthy. – Ruth

Candy is not healthy for you but it tastes good. – Charlie

November 3


Our first term of the school year is almost complete. Elementary classes have completed their F.M.A (Fundamental Movement Assessment) and have been learning/practicing basic movement and fitness skills as well as some sport specific skills. The junior highs have completed tennis and fitness testing units and are currently learning about volleyball.


Our intramural program is now in full swing. Participation has been great but just to remind everyone, our grade 6-8 students attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The grade 4-5 students come on Wednesdays. Intramurals begin at 12:20 in the gym and students can stay right to 12:55.


The girls’ volleyball team has enjoyed some success during their season and are learning the not only the skills of volleyball but also how to work together as a team. This is the second year the school division has played Triple Ball. Triple Ball is a modified version of volleyball designed to better teach the skills of volleyball. The season ends November 20th with their final home game; come and watch!


If you would like to talk to me about anything regarding your child’s physical education experience, please phone me at school or send me an email (!


Mr. Armstrong




Fun Facts:

  • The first volleyballs were the bladders of basketballs until Spalding Company invented a separate volleyball in 1898. ​
  • Volleyball was originally called Mintonette, because of its similarity to Badminton. It also has some elements of tennis and handball and even baseball because in the original set of rules there were 9 innings with three outs (serves).
  • Colorful terminology is no stranger to volleyball as evident by such terms as a pancake – when the palm is flat on the floor and the ball pops up and play continues; a kong – when a player gets a one-handed block: goofy – when a player jumps with wrong foot first (while attacking); and joust – when the ball is falling directly on top of the net, two opposing players jump and push against the ball, trying to force it on their opponent’s side.
November 3


A typical day starts with us meeting our friends outside in the cold waiting for the bell to ring. Once we get to our lockers, we get our stuff and head to our classrooms. Most days in junior high begin with either Math or E.L.A.

In Math, the Grade 7’s are working on adding and subtracting mixed and improper fractions while the Grade 8’s are working on multiplying and dividing mixed and improper fractions. The hardest part for all of us has been to draw a picture to show our mathematical thinking.

In E.L.A. we are reading the book “Refugee” as part of the Global Read Aloud. So far, we are enjoying the book and are looking forward to starting book clubs later this month. We recommend this book for anyone who is interested in learning about a child’s perspective of some of the historical events that have shaped our world as we now it today. We have been learning how to interact with the text by learning how to annotate/markup the text. We have also been working on the literary elements and devices and how authors use them in their writing.

Lunch time involves eating our lunch of course, but for many of us it means more time to spend with our friends until classes start once again in the afternoon.

In Science we have been working on forces and structures. Recently, we were challenged to work with a partner to build a sturdy structure out of straws and paper clips that would support the most weight.\

In Social Studies, we have been learning the qualities of a good map. We were asked to create our own island and to use everything we have learned to map it.

The day usually ends with students in either Spanish, Dance, Music or Technology. On day 5’s, we have Genius Hour in the afternoon and on day 6’s we all go to shops classes at Kelvin

Yesterday, we had a Halloween Dance organized by the Earl Grey Eagles for Equality (E.E.E.) and last night, the majority of us went tricking or treating with our friends.

November 3

Introducing…Earl Grey School’s Student Librarians

We have many Grade 4/5/6 students helping in the library this year! Students meet Thursdays at lunch to help organize and shelve books in the library. We create book displays together, discuss needs of the library, and of course we always take some time to share our love of reading! We truly value our Student Librarians and appreciate the time they spend volunteering in the library!

November 3

Room 22 is Wondering……Would you like to learn about Culture?

Would you like to learn about culture? We have been learning that culture is a part of who we are. We used to think that you make something out of culture. Now we know that culture includes things you make like interesting sculptures, beautiful paintings and delicious food. We used to think that culture was moving onto the next grade. Now we know that in Canada there are many cultures from around the world. We call that being multicultural. Did you know that sports are a part of culture? Soccer is the most popular sport in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Did you know that basketball was invented by a Canadian professor? We didn’t before, but we do now! For more information on culture please visit Room 22. We would be happy to share more with you!


Shared writing by Room 22

November 2

Room 26 Looks Inside a Heart

Room 26 has been learning all about the systems of the human body.  To help us with our learning, we participated in workshops from WISE Kid-Netic Energy.  First we learned about our eyes by exploring a sheep’s eye through dissection.  It was very interesting and surprising to learn what the inside of an eye looks like.  Next, we learned about the heart by examining a pig’s heart and investigating the many different parts.  The inside of a heart looks pretty spectacular.  It was amazing to learn about the human body in this way!

“My favourite part was when we got to see blood coming out of the tubes in the heart”


October 10

Hello from our Parent Council

Dear Earl Grey Community,


We wanted to provide information on ways to volunteer your time. Please see the description of below of specific areas within Parent Advisory Committee, as well as our school. If there is something that isn’t listed here that you’d like to be involved in, please feel free to share your ideas because we’d love to see many of you involved.


  1. PAC Secretary

Time commitment – attendance at EG PAC meetings. If you are not able to attend every month, someone will be able to fill in for you.

Role – taking minutes at the meeting (a computer can be provided for use at the meeting).


  1. South District Advisory Committee member

Time commitment – four meetings a year (in addition to regular EG PAC meetings), usually 7:00 p.m. on a week night.

Role – attendance at the informal meetings, which provide the opportunity for committee members to discuss school, parent council, and Division-wide activities and initiatives with Trustees. Agenda and minutes are provided for you to report back to EG PAC.


  1. Fundraising Committee

Time commitment – helping before and during fundraisers, email and/or in person meetings outside of PAC meetings

Role – supporting the fundraising efforts of EG PAC

Additional Role – finding and/or helping teachers or PAC to apply for various school grants


  1. Lunch program Committee

Time commitment – brief meetings every 4-6 weeks outside of PAC meetings

Role – supporting and giving guidance for the Lunch Program


  1. Volunteer recruitment for teachers


Please consider how you can be involved at Earl Grey. Looking forward to hearing from you. You can email myself at or contact Lisa Smit-Beiko.



Kathy Heppner

EG PAC Chair