October 10

Hello from our Parent Council

Dear Earl Grey Community,


We wanted to provide information on ways to volunteer your time. Please see the description of below of specific areas within Parent Advisory Committee, as well as our school. If there is something that isn’t listed here that you’d like to be involved in, please feel free to share your ideas because we’d love to see many of you involved.


  1. PAC Secretary

Time commitment – attendance at EG PAC meetings. If you are not able to attend every month, someone will be able to fill in for you.

Role – taking minutes at the meeting (a computer can be provided for use at the meeting).


  1. South District Advisory Committee member

Time commitment – four meetings a year (in addition to regular EG PAC meetings), usually 7:00 p.m. on a week night.

Role – attendance at the informal meetings, which provide the opportunity for committee members to discuss school, parent council, and Division-wide activities and initiatives with Trustees. Agenda and minutes are provided for you to report back to EG PAC.


  1. Fundraising Committee

Time commitment – helping before and during fundraisers, email and/or in person meetings outside of PAC meetings

Role – supporting the fundraising efforts of EG PAC

Additional Role – finding and/or helping teachers or PAC to apply for various school grants


  1. Lunch program Committee

Time commitment – brief meetings every 4-6 weeks outside of PAC meetings

Role – supporting and giving guidance for the Lunch Program


  1. Volunteer recruitment for teachers


Please consider how you can be involved at Earl Grey. Looking forward to hearing from you. You can email myself at kathyheppner@gmail.com or contact Lisa Smit-Beiko.



Kathy Heppner

EG PAC Chair

September 28

Room 15 Reflects

Orange Shirt Day


We wear orange shirts to remember the girl that could not wear her bright clothes to residential school. – Maggie


We read a story about residential school. You could only wear dark clothes that looked the same. No bright colours. It was a sad school. – Lily


The children couldn’t have long hair. – Ruth


I would be sad if I was away from my family. – Sage


It was so sad for the kids that went to residential school. They lived far away from their family. – Alexa


They didn’t get to play trains at residential school. – Dmitrii


I am happy to go to Earl Grey and not residential school. – Talon


I like Kindergarten. I get dressed in anything I want. – Jaxson


Residential schools are closed. You had to speak the wrong words and couldn’t speak your own words. – Saya

September 28

Room 27: The Amazing Agriculture Adventure



Once upon a Tuesday there were three classrooms that boarded a bus headed to Kelburn Farm.  On the bus some of the windows were open and it was cold.  Our driver kept stopping and turning and was a bit lost. Thankfully he found his and way and delivered us to the farm. The three classrooms were off to begin a day of learning.


One of the first stations that Room 27 visited was the Weather Game!  The game taught how weather can affect crops. Some of the things we learned from this game were that crops need rain and sun but not too much of each.  Too little rain can cause drought conditions and crops can die.  Too much rain can cause plants to rot and not grow properly.  A farmer’s successful crop is dependent on weather.


A few stations later it was time to be a farmer!  In the game students who acted as the farmer borrowed money from the bank to buy seed, fertilizer, fuel, herbicides and insurance,  Did you know farmers buy insurance for their crops?   After harvest the farmer sells the crops and pays the bank back.  The money left over is how the farmer pays for his home and family.  Farming is an expensive business!


Lunch was fun!  There was a cookie auction.  The students made money as they worked through the stations by asking questions, giving ideas and participating in any way.  The money was used to purchase cookies for the class.  A real auctioneer took the bids.  Room 27 had over two thousand dollars to spend and got the first box of cookies.  They were chocolate chip and they were delicious.


After lunch the three classes boarded the bus again and headed to the University of Manitoba Research Farm.  The first thing Room 27 noticed was the smell.  What a nice smell of poop!  The classes learned about all kinds of livestock such a chickens, pigs and cows.  Room 27 enjoyed the dairy cows and learned that a machine milks them.  The cows have a computer chip on a collar.  When the cow goes to be milked (and get a treat) the chip only allows that cow to be milked if she should be.  The classes were surprised that farming is so high tech!


Our day came to end and the three classes returned to school by bus.  It was a great day of learning and fun.


Shared writing by Room 27



September 27

Room 13 Loves Show and Tell!

This month, Room 13 has been learning about the rules of the classroom.  We are beginning to explore different activities at centre time, such as puzzles, play-doh, counting and printing.  We have also begun to learn about letters and their sounds.  So far we have learned the letters B and M. Our favourite thing to do is have Show and Tell on Fridays!





September 27

Room 21 is Wondering…..Where Do Our Families Come From?

The explorations in Room 21 this month have been getting to know each other. Our big idea has been where do our families come from? How are we different? How are we the same?

Aprendimos la palabra: identidad, identity. We have discovered that our families come from Chile, Peru, Honduras, Philippines, El Salvador, Ukraine, Scotland, and many other places in the world. We hope to have our board finished soon. Here are some pictures of our learning and shared writing. Happy fall everyone!

September 26

September News from Room 25


This month we learned about rights and responsibilities in our classroom and the world.

We discovered new planets and picked which rights our new planets will have.   We went on a structure hunt around the school to find strong and stable structures.  We discussed what materials are used for different structures and why.  Then we got to build our own!

September 26

Room 14 Loves Their Writing Centre


September story


We have choice time in kindergarten and one of our favourite centres is our writing centre.


Most days you can find this centre busy with with friends in my class drawing, writing, stamping and drawing using stencils.


We enjoy using our creativity to discover the world around us.

September 26

We’re Gonna Be Friends – Our September Song of the Month

This September, the music room has been abuzz with beautiful voices, fast-paced hand-jives, and pounding drums!


The Kindergarten to Grade Three students have been enjoying game based learning for the purpose of exploring rhythm and melody! Some of the songs we’ve learned this month have been “Up the Ladder Down the Ladder,” “Cuckoo,” and “Sandwiches.”


The older students enthusiastically learned The Game of Seven: a challenging hand-jive that pushes their coordination and rhythm skills! Following this, we began learning to play the Tubano and Djembe drums. These thunderous drums are more than just great fun. While drumming, each student is developing important life skills such as discipline, respect, and unity.


In October, Mrs. Alvarez will start a Grade 6-8 Advanced choir club for any interested students. This club will meet at lunch hour on Wednesdays. There will be other exciting clubs beginning throughout the year!


Our September Song of the Month was “We’re Gonna Be Friends” by the White Stripes.

Fall is here, hear the yell

Back to school, ring the bell

Brand new shoes, walking blues

Climb the fence, books and pens

I can tell that we are gonna be friends

I can tell that we are gonna be friends


Walk with me, Suzy Lee

Through the park and by the tree

We will rest upon the ground

And look at all the bugs we found

Safely walk to school without a sound

Safely walk to school without a sound


Here we are, no one else

We walked to school all by ourselves

There’s dirt on our uniforms

From chasing all the ants and worms

We clean up and now it’s time to learn

We clean up and now it’s time to learn


Numbers, letters, learn to spell

Nouns, and books, and show and tell

Playtime we will throw the ball

Back to class, through the hall

Teacher marks our height against the wall

Teacher marks our height against the wall


We don’t notice any time pass

We don’t notice anything

We sit side by side in every class

Teacher thinks that I sound funny

But she likes the way you sing


Tonight I’ll dream while I’m in bed

When silly thoughts go through my head

About the bugs and alphabet

And when I wake tomorrow I’ll bet

That you and I will walk together again

I can tell that we are gonna be friends

Yes I can tell that we are gonna be friends.

September 26

Room 28 is Off to a GREAT Start

Room 28’s September Story


At the beginning of September, we started off by getting to know each other. We took a survey to learn about our learning styles, we realized that we are very musical and intrapersonal. We finished the week by baking zucchini muffins and cake, MMMM!


Our second week we had to do our writing assessments, one of the topics was to write about being a teacher for a day. We’ve been doing community circle every morning to share our ideas and about us.


On September 18th we went to Agriculture in The Classroom and Kelburn Farm. We saw some animals like pigs, chickens, cows and bees. We saw a chicken lay an egg outside of the nesting area. The farmer said that rarely happens! The baby pigs were only a day old and they were super cute! We learned that the farmer only names the dairy cows if they’re special. We looked through the glass and had to spot the queen bee. She had a pink spot of her back.


Through the day we earned fake money that we could use at the cookie auction at lunch. Absar and CJ had to bid on boxes of cookies during the auction. We got a good deal and only spent 250 fake dollars while the other teams spent around 1000 dollars! It was a great field trip!


We are also starting to learn about the human body in science. A lot of us are interested in the heart and the circulatory system, and we’ll be ready to share our learning next month.


We’re off to a great start in Room 28!