October 3

Gym Shorts

One month of school already complete!  Where does the time go? In the gym we have spent the first month of school talking about (and modelling) the rules of the gym.  Another facet of those conversations (and activities) is the idea of creating a positive learning environment in physical education classes; what kind of environment contributes to a positive and successful learning opportunity.  Ask your child what environment contributes to their success in the gymnasium (or on the field).


In the primary and intermediate grades, we have begun our Fundamental Movement Assessment.  The data obtained from F. M. A. helps to drive future lessons.  For example if a large segment of the class is having difficulty in jumping then I can spend more time working on that skill as a class.  If one or two students are struggling in a particular skill, I can concentrate on providing a little extra support to those students. If the majority of the class is “independent” at a skill we can move along faster.


The junior high students have been learning the skills and knowledge of Lacrosse.  They are now participating in a volleyball unit.  The elementary students will focus on movement games and be introduced to volleyball skills once F. M. A. is complete.


A reminder to parents (and students); students in grades four and up are required to change for physical education classes.  This means that students need to have a pair of shorts or sweat pants, t-shirt, and running shoes to change into and out of for physical education.  These should be carried in a gym bag and should be taken home each Friday for cleaning and brought back again on Monday.  Students who do not change for class are required to complete a written assignment before re-joining the class and in some cases where safety may be an issue (i.e. flip-flops or boots) they will not be allowed to participate.


If you would like to talk to me about anything regarding your child’s physical education experience please phone me at school or send me an email (parmstrong@wsd1.org)!  If you would like to see some of the things going on in the Earl Grey gym, please consider following the gym on Instagram or Twitter (@earlgrey_pe).



Mr. Armstrong