March 19

Gym Shorts

March Gym Shorts

On February 28, the students in grades five through eight participated in Gym Riot. Gym riot gives students the opportunity to experience a variety of weird and wacky competitions which focus on cooperation among team members. Congratulations to the winning team.  It takes cooperation and a healthy dose of competitiveness to come out victorious!

The Winter Carnival for the kindergarten to grade 4 students was nearly rescheduled due to February’s chilly temperatures but at the last moment the teachers decided to go ahead with it as scheduled. A good time was had by all despite the chilly temps; a special thank you to the parent council for providing the delicious hot chocolate and to the junior high students who volunteered their time to help the younger students.

March means the end of our basketball season. Congratulations to the students who participated on the basketball team. The boys in grades seven and eight had the opportunity to learn and experience basketball in the competitive setting of extra-curricular sports. A special thank you to the students who served as scorekeepers, and to all the parents who volunteered their time offering rides to and from games.

In the gym, March includes our ultimate football unit, relays, a unit of low organized games working on motor skill development, fitness testing, and a chance to explore the climbing apparatus and other choice activities.

This has been a strange March so far.  With school suspended for two weeks around spring break and rules limiting the use of equipment we have experimented with several activities that allowed us to use limited equipment, limited contact, and lots of space.  The students that have been attending school played some tag games, danced to the just dance songs, and played soccer.

I don’t know about you but I am definitely looking forward to spring and the return of normal activities!

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Mr. Armstrong