October 3

Gym Shorts



  • In June our physical education classes get outdoors as much as possible. We will be continuing our softball and t-ball units and end the year with a variety of outdoor activities. The Earl Grey Running Club has been well attended and the Gr. 4, 5, and 6 students who qualify will spend a morning at the annual Fit Run, June 5thm. at Assiniboine Park. With nearly 30 students expected to attend the event, this is one of our largest group of representatives ever!  Congratulations to all of our runners! Running club members will compete against other students from all over the division. The Running Club is a great opportunity to increase fitness, make new friends, and learn the joys of both recreational jogging and competitive racing.


  • The Gr. 5 – 8 Mini-Olympics was a great success. Team Japan claimed the championship with strong gold medal performances but also a complete team effort. Qualified students in Gr. 6 – 8 also received an invitation to attend the divisional track meet at the end of May.  Earl Grey had its best showing ever at the Divisional Track Meet, bringing home 11 ribbons.  Congratulations to all the athletes who represented Earl Grey School!


  • The K-4 track and field day is scheduled for the afternoon of June 20 (weather permitting). It is a great opportunity for the students to participate in track and field themed events. They will have a great time learning and competing while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Please remember to dress appropriately for the conditions. Running shoes are a necessity and hats and sunscreen are strongly recommended. Parents are welcome to join us that afternoon as well!


  • I would also like to remind students and parents that although the weather outside is nice and sandals and flip-flops are comfortable, it is extremely important for students to wear good running shoes for gym classes – safety is the number one concern but, in addition, students wearing sandals tend to not put in as great an effort during class. Also, students are reminded that although it is likely that they are wearing shorts and t-shirts to school it is still important to have a change of clothes for gym class. Poor hygiene (such as smelly clothes) plays a big part in the way our peers perceive us.


  • Finally, I would like to wish all students and parents a great summer vacation. Stay active, stay safe, and I look forward to seeing everyone again next year (even our Gr. 8 graduates who like to come back to visit).









Isn’t spring great! The snow has disappeared and gym classes are heading outside! Soccer, touch-football, and softball are all in the schedule for May and June. The Earl Grey Running Club will begin on Tuesday, May 8th for students in gr’s 4-8; a great opportunity to increase fitness, enjoy the outdoors, and make new friends. In addition, the gr. 4-6 students have the added bonus of being able to compete in the annual Fit Run to be held June 5th a.m. at Assiniboine Park.


As a result of all the exciting opportunities that occur in May and June it means our lunch-time intramural program has come to an end.  These lunch time slots are replaced by Running Club practices and track and field competitions; students should check the gym bulletin board for practice or competition times.


The grade 5-8 Mini-Olympics officially kick off on May 10th with the opening ceremonies. A variety of events and activities will occur during the following weeks including the Olympics themselves on May 17th and culminate with the closing ceremonies on Friday, May 18th. Students who excel during the schools Mini-Olympics may be invited to attend the divisional track meet on May 24th  and 29th at the University of Manitoba.


I would like to remind students and parents that although spring is a great time to start wearing sandals and flip-flops, it is extremely important to have good running shoes for gym classes.  Good shoes increase participation and help prevent many injuries.



Tips for the Month of May:


  • Quality physical education programs have been shown to: enhance learning readiness, improve academic performance, enrich self-esteem, deter antisocial behavior, restrain drug and alcohol abuse, and reduce absenteeism.
  • Schools that offer quality physical education programs – even when time is taken from the academic day – post positive effects on academic achievement, including increased concentration, improved scores in mathematics, reading and writing, and reduced disruptive behaviors.
  • School programs are more important for increasing children’s energy expenditure because children are less likely to participate in physical activity in the absence of adult supervision.
  • Children who are physically active during the day in school are much more likely to be physically active after school as well.
  • Children need at least 60 minutes and up to several hours of activity daily.  It can be accumulated in many short (15 minutes minimum), intermittent bouts of activity and need not be done as continuous exercise.
  • Physical activity has substantial health benefits for children and adolescents, including favorable effects on endurance capacity, muscular strength, body weight, and blood pressure.
  • Positive experiences with physical activity at a young age help lay the basis for being regularly active throughout life.
  • Exercise has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression and raise self-esteem.  Removing such emotional barriers may help children focus more in the classroom.
  • Very young children also may learn partly through movement.  Physical activity helps them learn about various spatial or temporal relationships.

From: http://www.walkingworksforschoolstn.com/fast_facts/school_benefits.shtml




Spring means the snow has disappeared and gym classes get to head outside. Ultimate frisbee, soccer, touch football, and softball are all great outdoor games that we will learn about.  In the sports department, grade 5-8 track and field and the elementary running club are beginning soon.  The start of the running club means our intramurals will have come to an end.


Students in grades four through eight may join the Earl Grey Running Club which meets during the lunch hour on scheduled days. The grade 4-6 students also have the opportunity to participate in the divisions Fit Run to be held at Assiniboine Park on June 6th.  More information about the Running Club will be coming soon!


Fun Fitness Facts about Exercise

  • There is only one type of exercisethat requires you hold your breath in order to accomplish the exercise. What is it? It’s swimming underwater.
  • If you had every single muscle in your body work together at the same time, you could lift about 50,000 pounds.
  • The best way to judge whether or not you are exercising at too high of an intensity is to see whether or not you can carry on a conversation. If you can’t, you may want to back off of the intensity just a little until you can.
  • Dancing is a terrific and fun form of exercise that can improve cardiovascular fitness just like any other more formaltype of exercise.
  • If you’re always in a bad mood, then getting fit just may help. Regular exercise can enhance mood and overall well-being.
  • In spite of what you may have read, there is no “best time to exercise.” It turns out that the best time to exercise is when it works for you.
  • Being dehydrated reduces exercise performance. Make sure you hydrate for peak performance during a workout.
  • People who cross-train with a variety of exercise are more fit and less injury-prone than those who exercise using only one or two exercises.


From: http://exercise.lovetoknow.com/Fun_Fitness_Facts





On February 23, the students in grades five through eight participated in Gym Riot. Gym riot gives students the opportunity to experience a variety of weird and wacky competitions which focus on cooperation amongst team members. Congratulations to the winning team.  It takes cooperation and a healthy dose of competitiveness to come out victorious!


The Winter Carnival for the kindergarten to grade 4 students was rescheduled due to February’s chilly temperatures. The new date for the Winter Carnival was March 9 and the weather was absolutely fantastic!  A good time was had by all; a special thank you to the parent council for providing the delicious hot chocolate and to the junior high students who volunteered their time to help the younger students.


March means the end of our basketball season. Congratulations to the students who participated on the basketball teams. Boys and girls in grades six through eight had the opportunity to learn and experience basketball in the competitive setting of extra-curricular sports. A special thank you to Mrs. Toulman and Ms. Hallson for coaching the girls’ team, to the students who served as scorekeepers, and to all the parents who volunteered their time offering rides to and from games.

On March 8th the junior highs travelled by bus to Holiday Mountain and had the opportunity to participate in an amazing outdoor winter activity; downhill skiing!  It was enjoyed by all who took part.

In the gym, March includes our ultimate football unit, relays, a unit of low organized games working on motor skill development, fitness testing, and a chance to explore the climbing apparatus and other choice activities.

I don’t know about you but I am definitely looking forward to spring!


Mr. Armstrong


February Gym Shorts


January, February, and March always seem to be the longest stretch of the year (or at least the coldest), but February cold also brings with it some exciting opportunities for the older students; extra-curricular basketball is in full swing and badminton and broomball get introduced during physical education classes. The elementary students will participate in badminton lead-ups and skipping during the coming weeks.  Of course, winter wouldn’t be complete without our annual winter carnival and gym riot.


The K- 4 winter carnival is February 9th in the afternoon (weather permitting) and the grade 5-8 gym riot is on February 23rd in the afternoon.


Finally, I would like to remind parents and students that proper clothing and footwear are necessary for safe participation in all physical education activities.  Winter boots pose many safety hazards for student’s feet: slipping on the floor, twisted ankles, or tripping problems (for themselves or others), so please help ensure that your child has a pair of running shoes with them at school.


If you would like to talk to me about anything regarding your child’s physical education experience please phone me at school or send me an email, I can be reached at parmstrong@wsd1.org. Have a great February!




With the change of seasons comes the inevitable change of footwear as well.  I would like to ask parents to remind their children, and maybe help them as well, to make sure they have running shoes for gym class.  Wearing winter boots is not safe in the gym!  Remember, Gr. 4-8 students must be changed for gym classes – this means having appropriate footwear and changing into t-shirts and shorts or sweats.  This is important for range of motion in our activities but, even more importantly, it is an issue of personal hygiene.  Please ensure that your child has a set of gym clothes available to them at all times.  Thank you!


Our girl’s and boy’s volleyball teams just wrapped up their seasons.  Both teams did a fabulous job learning and practising the modified volleyball game called Triple Ball.  As an added bonus our grade six students participated in a season end tournament at R.H. Smith school and represented Earl Grey very well!


Around the middle of December, we will be starting our basketball teams.  Any Gr. 6-8 boys or girls can join those teams.  To stay active during the upcoming break, here’s a little list to help you out.  Have a great Winter Holiday!


Mr. Armstrong


The Twelve Days of Winter Holidays


Day 1: On the first day of Winter Break my Physical Education teacher gave to me, 1 minute of modified push-ups.

Day 2: On the second day of Winter Break my Physical Education teacher gave to me, 2 minutes of curl-ups.

Day 3: On the third day of Winter Break my Physical Education teacher gave to me, 3 hugs from a family member.

Day 4: On the fourth day of Winter Break my Physical Education teacher gave to me, 4 healthy chores around the house, e.g. shoveling walks, vacuuming, walking the dog, dusting, etc.

Day 5: On the fifth day of Winter Break my Physical Education teacher gave to me, 5 minutes of jumping rope.

Day 6: On the sixth day of Winter Break my Physical Education teacher gave to me, 6 minutes of lower body stretches.

Day 7: On the seventh day of Winter Break my Physical Education teacher gave to me, 7 minutes dancing with a family member.

Day 8: On the eighth day of Winter Break my Physical Education teacher gave to me, 8 minutes of reading the Free Press sports section (or a sport related book!)

Day 9: On the ninth day of Winter Break my Physical Education teacher gave to me, 9 minutes of playing at a local park.

Day 10: On the tenth day of Winter Break my Physical Education teacher gave to me, 10 minutes walking with a family member.

Day 11: On the eleventh day of Winter Break my Physical Education teacher gave to me, 11 backward push-ups.

Day 12: On the twelfth day of Winter Break my Physical Education teacher gave to me, 12 minutes of jogging.



Our first term of the school year is almost complete. Elementary classes have completed their F.M.A (Fundamental Movement Assessment) and have been learning/practicing basic movement and fitness skills as well as some sport specific skills.  The junior highs have completed lacrosse and fitness testing units and are currently learning about volleyball.


Our intramural program is now in full swing.  Participation has been great but just to remind everyone, our grade 6-8 students attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The grade 4-5 students come on Wednesdays.  Intramurals begin at 12:15 in the gym and students can stay right to 12:55.


Both the boys’ and girls’ volleyball teams have enjoyed some success during their season.  This is the first year the school division has adopted Triple Ball.  Triple Ball is a modified version of volleyball designed to better teach the skills of volleyball.  The season ends November 14th come and watch a game!


If you would like to talk to me about anything regarding your child’s physical education experience, please phone me at school or send me an email (parmstrong@wsd1.org)!


Mr. Armstrong


Gym Shorts


One month of school already complete!  Where does the time go? In the gym we spent the first month of school talking about (and modelling) the rules of the gym.  Another facet of those conversations (and activities) is the idea of creating a positive learning environment in physical education classes; what kind of environment contributes to a positive and successful learning opportunity.  Ask your child what environment contributes to their success in the gymnasium (or on the field).


The primary grades have been playing a variety of low organized games working on transport and manipulative skills (such as running, throwing, and catching) and low level strategies such as being able to tag or avoid getting tagged in open space.


The intermediate and junior high students have been learning the skills and knowledge of lacrosse.  Next up is volleyball for all students and Fundamental Movement Assessment for the grade k-5’s.


A reminder to parents (and students); students in grades four and up are required to change for physical education classes.  This means that students need to have a pair of shorts or sweat pants, t-shirt, and running shoes to change into and out of for physical education.  These should be carried in a gym bag and should be taken home each Friday for cleaning and brought back again on Monday.  Students who do not change for class are required to complete a written assignment before re-joining the class and in some cases where safety may be an issue (i.e. flip-flops) they will not be allowed to participate.


If you would like to talk to me about anything regarding your child’s physical education experience please phone me at school or send me an email (parmstrong@wsd1.org)!  If you would like to see some of the things going on in the Earl Grey gym, please consider following the gym on Instagram or Twitter (@EarlGrey_PE).



Mr. Armstrong