December 16

Room 25 November news

In November we welcomed Maddy to room 25. Everyone is really happy Maddy came. We just finished Winn Dixie and had a popcorn and pyjama party while we watched the movie. Now we are reading Wonder which we are loving! We are singing multiplication songs in Math and it is so fun!!!  In Science we are learning about light and we even made colour wheels so we could create white light- It was so cool!  We are having fun, and working hard in Room 25!!

-Room 25


December 16

Earl Grey Eagles for Equality – Busy Helping Others

EEE is the Earl Grey Eagles for Equality.  We meet every day 4 at lunch and discuss various issues both at school, in the community and abroad.


EEE has been a very busy group in November.  We collected 145 lbs of food that we donated to Winnipeg Harvest.


We are now working on filling 100 EEE empowerment shoe boxes to help the homeless.  We are still looking for donations of toiletries, clothes for winter and children’s books and toys.


December 16

Room 22 Reflections

On October 22, 2019 we went to Fort Whyte for our first Outdoor Education session.  Students built forts with logs, created leaf creatures inspired by the story “Leaf Man” by Lois Ehlert and engaged in team building games.  The theme of the day was “Risk Assessment” and making decisions with respect to the environment.

Reflections on Outdoor Education at Fort Whyte

I made a tall tower with big sticks. –Naomi

I liked when we saw a deer. –Grady

We needed to wear hats, boots, jackets, ski pants and mittens to be warm. –Saya

We made a tent fort out of bungee cords, rope, tarps and the trees and we ate our lunch there.  I could not heat my food up. –Bentley

It was fun to make leaf creatures and leaf people from the leaves in the forest. –Ethan

I went in the puddles because I had rain boots. –Charlie

It was fun when we did the activities. –Hannah

My friends and I built big, big forts with big logs. –Evan


Reflections on “Peter Pan” at Manitoba Theatre for Young People

It was fun when the actors dressed up. –Ruth

It was sad when Tinkerbell died but then she came back alive when they filled her with happy memories. –Madelyn

I liked when Captain Hook was in the box and then he was gone. –Tucker

I thought it was cool when they pretended to fly. –Brooklyn

I liked when Peter Pan was singing a song. –Luiza

I liked when they shot the cannon.  I think they popped a balloon to make that noise. –Bentley


November 27

Plastic Bags Turn into Frisbees!

Thank you for bringing in plastic bags last month! We collected 3600 bags that have been recycled.  Take Pride Winnipeg has donated a Frisbee, made from plastic bags, for every classroom in our school!  Thank you for helping to make our earth a cleaner place!


Hannan and Le

on behalf of the students in Room 26

November 8


At Tim Horton’ Camp, we were asked to come up with an idea that would better the school life for everyone.  One group thought kids might need a healthy start to their day so we came up with the Breakfast Club.  The Breakfast Club takes place every Wednesday at 8:20 on the gym stage.  We serve cereal, fruit and water for all students and Mr. Hurley.

All students who feel like they need a healthy breakfast are encouraged to try the Breakfast Club!

The Breakfast Club Organization
Arvin, Lily, Ikwe, Silas, Miriam and Andriek

November 8

Have You Heard of Terry Fox

Have you heard of Terry Fox? When kids are in charge, it’s a different story. This year, we created a Terry Fox Committee made up of Grade 5 and 6 students from Room 27.  In the beginning, there were only 3 Grade 6’s  struggling to use their scissors to cut out paper shoes.  Our teacher, Mrs. Last, asked if there were any Grade 5’s that wanted to join the committee.  Five Grade 5’s joined the committee and started to make posters for the event.  We made posters to represent the provinces that Terry Fox ran through on his marathon of hope.  We counted and recounted tattoos and stickers for each classroom.  Based on what we raised in previous years, we made a goal of $500.  Each morning committee members collected Toonies for Terry from Earl Grey Students, Staff and Community.  One of us even stood and ran through rain to spread the work.  The patrols set up at various corners and crossroads to make sure everyone was following the running path.  The run went very well but was very tiring.  In the end we raised $620.25 which meant we reached our goal.  We had an assembly and we did a draw of all the students who brought in a Toonie or more and one person got a Terry Fox T-shirt and another person got to throw a pie in Mr. Shenkarow’s face!!!!


Your Terry Fox Committee,
Evelyn, Maddox, Keziah, Madoka, Zia, Shay, Zac, Remmington

November 8

Bring Your Dried Out Markers to US!!!



Crayola understands the importance of their role in protecting the environment. That’s why Crayola has launched Crayola ColorCycle initiative. Through this initiative, our school can collect and re-purpose used markers.

Let’s be eco-friendly and send your dried out markers down to the crayola box in front of Room 14! 

We will be collecting them all year.  


November 5

Room 16’s Blog: Have You Ever Sat Down to Begin Writing and Not Have a Single Idea?

Have you ever sat down to begin writing and not have a single idea about what to write?  We are learning to generate ideas in different ways so that when we sit down to write we can pull an idea from our lists.  You can jot down ideas any time to help remember what you want to write.  To get ideas for writing we made Me Hearts and we did an Idea Bingo and a Topic Tree.

We have been creating patterns like AB, ABC and number patterns like 1,2,1,2.   We have been working hard on repeating patterns with shapes, sounds and actions. When we build our patterns we count to see how many shapes are in the core.  We are learning to predict which shapes might come next.  We are also learning about increasing and decreasing patterns and figuring out what the pattern rule is.  For example, a decreasing number pattern would be 850, 845, 840, 835, 830, 825 and on and on!   On our Number of the Day chart we also look for patterns.   We find the number of groups of 2 or 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.   Then we use a symbol like a triangle, circle, line, star or a box to show if that number has that many equal groups.  For example, on our 10th day of school we found 5 groups of 2, 2 groups of 5 and 1 group of 10.   We discovered that the days of the week and months of the year are repeating patterns too.


What we know about wolves is surprisingly whopping.  Did you know that wolves can swim?   A wondering we had was do wolves like it when it is snowing?  We are hoping to answer all of our questions through research.


The school bus came at 9:30 on a cold, windy, soggy day and picked us up to take us to Fort Whyte.    We arrived at about 10:00.   Our adventure just began!  We had to walk and haul our crates down the trail where we were going to build our tarp shelter.   We walked through beautiful leaves and wonderful flowers.


After the group went to the Fort Whyte Tipi to do our land acknowledgement we broke into 3 groups to do different activities.


One activity was to build a shelter using the logs and sticks on the ground.  We worked together to drag big logs and put them up like a tipi.  One structure was named Tall Tower, the next one was named Log Castle and the third one was called the Door Knockers.


Another group listened to a story called Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert.  After the story students collected leaves and made a creation out of the colourful leaves.


Our last activity was playing different games.  One was a tree game.  Another game was a circle game.


Our adventure was amazing and we had lots of fun.  On the way back it was magical when we saw two deer camouflaged in the forest.

At M.T.Y.P we saw the play Peter Pan.  We saw sword fighting.  Peter was funny.  Captain Hook was evil because he took Peter Pan’s medicine and put poison in it.   The fairy, Tinkerbell drank the poisoned medicine so Peter wouldn’t die.   At the end of the play Wendy and the Lost Boys returned home but Peter stayed in Neverland.   While being a child is fun sometimes you have to grow up.


Written by students in

Room 16


October 16

Room 15 Loves Their Alphabet Mystery Box!

It was super fun when I got to bring home the Alphabet Mystery Box. My letter was E. – Ashlyn

Clue #1 – It has fur
Clue #2 – There are two buttons
Clue #3 – It has a leash

Answer – Eddie the Eskimo dog

I like the Alphabet Mystery Box so much. It was fun trying to find something that started with the letter F. – Dorian

Clue #1 – It is hard
Clue #2 – It is small
Clue #3 – It has something in the middle of it

Answer – Fossil