November 29

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Meet Your Teacher – Tuesday, September 5 – anytime between 4:30 – 6:30







Earl Grey Winter Concert:  Catch the Holiday Spirit

Earl Grey students from Nursery to gr. 8 have been busy practising for the Winter Concert! We’re singing, we’re dancing, we’re even boom whacking! (You’ll have to come to the concert to find out what that is).


Here are the details:


Earl Grey Winter Concert

Catch the Holiday Spirit

Wednesday, December 21

1:30 Dress Rehearsal (everyone welcome)

7:00 Concert



Each class is performing a song, as well as the Gr. 1/2/3 Choir, the Gr. 4/5/6 Choir and Ms. Hamulka’s Dance Group. I’m extremely happy with how the rehearsals are going. This is certainly shaping up to be a great concert. (Because your kids are so amazing!)


The following is a list of what we’re asking each class to wear to the concert:


Rooms 12, 13 (AM & PM), 14, 15 and 16 – concert attire

Room 21 – jeans, white t-shirt, plaid shirt to tie around waist, runners

Room 22 – dark bottoms (jeans or leggings), red or green or black or white tops

Room 23 – jeans/pants (preferably flare/bell bottoms – think disco!), t-shirts will be provided

Room 25 – all black or concert attire

Room 27 – dark bottoms (jeans or leggings), red or green or white tops

Dance Team – black bottoms, sparkly top


Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you on the 21st!


In the holiday spirit,

Rhona Sawatsky

Music Teacher



Tuesday, October 11th: Personal Identity

Who am I? What makes me who I am? How do I relate with others?

What does it mean to be who we are today?ehtr

Wednesday, October 12th: Cultural Identity

Who do I belong with? What are the different types of groups that I am connected to? Do I have a specific nationality, ethnicity, religion, social class, generation, or any other kind of social group? Do these groups have a specific and distinct culture? Do I fit with my cultural identity as an individual and within the larger group?

Thursday, October 13th: National Identity

What is my national identity? As a nation are we cohesive as whole? Are we able to celebrate our distinctive traditions, cultures and languages? Are we able to have a national identity but also honour our individual identities? Can we do this every day or just for celebrations?

Friday, October 14th: Global Identity

Who are we in the global human community? How do we fit in the global community beyond our own identities of living in Winnipeg, Canada? How do we celebrate, learn and participate in the global human community beyond our geography or political borders? How can do we realize that humankind is essentially one?

Terry Fox Fundraising Week & Runimages

This week we are trying to raise $500 for our Terry Fox Run which will go to Cancer Research.  Check the Calendar page for daily challenges.  Our run is on Friday at 1:15.  Come and join us as a volunteer or to participate in the run.


Friday, September 30 is Orange Shirt Dayorange-shirt-day-600-300
“September 30th has been declared Orange Shirt Day annually, in recognition of the harm the residential school system did to children’s sense of self-esteem and well-being, and as an affirmation of our commitment to ensure that everyone around us matters.

Orange Shirt Day is a legacy of the St. Joseph Mission (SJM) residential school commemoration event held in Williams Lake, BC, Canada, in the spring of 2013. It grew out of Phyllis’ story of having her shiny new orange shirt taken away on her first day of school at the Mission, and it has become an opportunity to keep the discussion on all aspects of residential schools happening annually.

The date was chosen because it is the time of year in which children were taken from their homes to residential schools, and because it is an opportunity to set the stage for anti-racism and anti-bullying policies for the coming school year. It also gives teachers time to plan events that will include children, as we want to ensure that we are passing the story and learning on to the next generations.

Orange Shirt Day is also an opportunity for First Nations, local governments, schools and communities to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope for generations of children to come.”

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