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This Week in Room 209 by Maria

on April 8, 2016

This week we did poetry and Mind Up.

In Mind Up we learn about the mindful brain.  We do our breathing and this helps us to calm down because if we don’t calm down we get attitude.  It’s hard to learn with a bad attitude or if you’re mad you can’t learn either.  So breathing helps us push away the bad stuff so that we can focus on our work.  Mr. Smith is a kind, loving teacher who teaches us Mind Up.IMG_0152 IMG_0150 IMG_0149

Since it is Poetry Month, we thought we could read lots of poems and then learn to write our own.  We start with rough drafts and then we type them so that when we show it to the world it’s not messy.  These pictures show our rough drafts.  We have learned that poems express how you are feeling about someone or something, like nature.  We also learned that some poems rhyme, but they don’t have to.

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