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How long is it?


How long is our snake skin from Richard the snake?

Mariela made a snake 33 turtles long.

Dawit made a snake 55 teddy bears long.

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We learn through play!

Today we went to the Children’s Museum.  We learned

  • to make sounds with different things.
  • to build a city with different blocks.
  • to slide fast.
  • to take turns.


IMG_0656 IMG_0657 IMG_0658 IMG_0665 IMG_0669 IMG_0680 IMG_0689 IMG_0704 IMG_0711

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Tanya and Cindy from Parent Council want to remind everyone to come out for Nutrition Bingo on Thursday, April 14.  We start at 9:30 am in the Gym!

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This Week at School…


Tuesday, April 12 

  • Rooms 203, 207, 209 sing O Canada at MTS Centre, Take Pride Winnipeg Clean Up, Green Up event.
  • Room 102 to Children’s Museum

Wednesday, April 13 

  • Rooms 14 and 15 to Children’s Museum

Thursday, April 14 

  • Bus Ridership

Friday, April 15

  • Guitar Club


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This week in room 102 by Dawit and Sabrina…

We learned that snakes eat everything! The snake ate 10 elephants, 9 trucks, 8 trees, 7 pants. 6 umbrellas, 5 pumpkins, 4 clocks, 3 glasses, 2 forks and 1 penny. – Dawit (Nursery)

IMG_0186 IMG_0187

I am learning alphabets and number and about snakes.  I know AABAAB. This is my pattern – Sabrina (Nursery)


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This week in room 102 by Keira…

We are learning words. we are learning sight words and we are learning to write sentences.  We learn when we play. IMG_0183 IMG_0184 IMG_0185

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This week in room 15 by Nathan and Tashanne…

This week we started to learn about how to take care of the environment. Reduce, reuse, recycle.  We watched a video and we saw that you have to stop littering, turn off the water and not waste paper. We are getting ready for a performance about this.


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This week in Room 14 by Mahadsa and Kaiden

This week at school we used Dream Box to help us learn Math.
IMG_0177 IMG_0178

We are also learning about the water cycle.  Snow evaporates and goes up to the clouds, then it condenses and evaporates.  It takes days, months, years.


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This week in Room 203…

This week in room 203 we wrote down our wondering about electricity and magnetism.  We used different materials to learn about electomagnetism and we also made art with magnets.  We are also learning different forms of poetry.


IMG_0171 IMG_0172 img_0173 IMG_0174

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This week in room 207 by Carlos


We have been learning about static electricity and how it works.  Everything is made out of atoms.  The nucleus is inside the atom.  It is the centre.  The proton is the positive charge and the neutron is the negative charge.  The nucleus of the atom is positive and the electron is negative.  We have done some cool experiments this week that show this topic in action.

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