ITLL Reflection for November 22, 2016

What has challenged you?
My biggest challenge, this year, has been having the time for reflection and having the necessary equipment. Obviously, there are always ways to circumvent challenges. Having to problem solve and think creatively is a learning experience, in and of itself. However, there are always limitations. I have also found that different classroom dynamics can make it more difficult to implement ideas.

What has been reaffirmed?
I strongly believe that Twitter is an invaluable tool for educators. The connections that I have made on Twitter have helped me to become a better educator. Here is an example of a current math project that evolved from conversations on Twitter:

What are you doing moving forward?
Moving forward, I will be piloting Seesaw in my classroom. I plan on presenting to staff after having used it for a few months.

9 thoughts on “ITLL Reflection for November 22, 2016

  1. I love this idea!!!!! How did you start out? I would love to incorporate something like this in my grade 6 class. Any suggestions?

    1. We started out by exploring the Cuisinaire Rods and making pictures with a partner. We set the values from 1-10 for each rod. I have a magnetic set up on the board so that students can refer to it if need be. Next, we set the criteria of pictures adding up to 50! The students got comfortable with the values from 1-10 and used a variety of strategies to show their thinking. Around Halloween we moved to making monsters which evolved into the Pokémon project!

  2. I agree with you about how Twitter has been such a great tool for professional development and teaching ideas! I’ve seen so many neat things you have posted!! Love the math project idea, and how you made it “Pokemon Style.” Might have to try it out in my class! 🙂

  3. Great post and awesome work! I agree, Twitter is such a rich resource for teaching and learning. At times I feel overwhelmed by the amount of information on my feed. Do you have any tips on managing this?

    1. I completely agree! I find that using Tweetdeck on my laptop can allow me to focus on the hashtags I’m interested in. I also try to cull the accounts I’m following once in awhile.

  4. Thanks for your post Genevieve! I love how open you were to use Twitter as a springboard for lessons in the classroom! I am going to pay closer attention to who I can connect with and how I can use those connections as provocations for thinking more deeply about the work we are doing!

  5. I discussed some of the same topics you have such as lack of time and needing to think creatively in order to fit it all in. Also, I love the idea of your math project! I will probably try that in my classroom as well because there are many ways to differentiate that activity for different- level learners.

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