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Innovative teaching is extremely important as it will allow educators to meet the needs of a new generation of student. Innovative teaching will help students reach their full potential.

Characteristics of an Innovative Educator include:

· Are able to REFLECT: can determine what is best for the students they are working with. An innovative educator is always looking at what went right and what went wrong.

· Are CREATIVE: an innovative educator is always trying to make something better so that they can engage and motivate students in their classroom.

· SHARING: an innovative educator is always collaborating and sharing with other educators. This includes sharing successes in the classroom. An innovative educator works with their colleagues and is always exploring new ideas and topics (e.g. will Twitter work in their classroom? etc.) An innovative educator may belong to a variety of organizations in order that they may network and share what they have learned (e.g. science organization, sustainability club, photograph club, are members of a variety of committees with professional organizations etc.).

· OPPORTUNITIES: an innovative educator constantly provides a variety of opportunities for students (e.g. i) encourages students to build robots in science, ii) encourages students to enter spaghetti bridge building competitions, iii) provides a variety of options to complete projects using videos, pictures etc.)

· Are always LEARNING: an innovative educator is always striving to learn new ways of teaching. This may involve learning new software by taking a variety of courses (e.g. Excel, Adobe Premiere Elements, Photoshop etc.)

· STUDENT VOICE: An innovative educator allows for student engagement and success by listening to and learning from students. Innovative teachers also provides the students, with a variety of ways to share their ideas with other students.

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