Reflections on Innovative Teaching Practices:

Reflections on Innovative Teaching Practices:

What has been reaffirmed?

  • Division encouraging the use of mobile technology, BYOD and innovative practices in teaching.
  • Teachers are using, exploring, and infusing Technology into their daily teaching practices.
  • Teachers are collaborating using technology.
  • Students are using their own devices (BYOD) as well as the school devices (laptops etc.) to complete assignments and to collaborate with one another.
  • Students are also using a variety of devices for creativity (e.g. in Art, students are making videos using a variety of software, designing projects using Photoshop etc.).
  • Teachers are using other innovative teaching practices not necessarily using technology: e.g. Destination Imagination

What are you doing moving forward?

  • Working collaboratively with colleagues (e.g. share strategies on how to engage students to become more creative).
  • Set up Google Classroom (e.g. Test in Advisory Groups).
  • Technology Subcommittee hosting a variety of Brown Bag Sessions introducing teachers to a variety of different technologies (e.g. DaVinci Resolve for video editing, Kahoot: a free game-based learning platform, Onenote etc.)

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  1. I’m impressed with the various initiatives your school has embarked upon. I’m would like to find out more about your school’s experience on BYOD.

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