STEAM Block 2 Intro Week

Welcome to Block 2 of STEAM!

On our first day we started by getting to know each other with a brief ice breaker.  Students had to state their name, school, and an interesting fact about themselves.  Other students than had to ask a who, what, where, when, why, or how question based on the interesting fact.

Following the ice breaker, the students found out about the basics of STEAM and what the acronym stands for.  They also found out about the general expectations of the class and what they will encounter in the 8 weeks.

Students then learned about Digital Citizenship and how to be safe online.  They also learned how to make appropriate posts to online communities using the THINK acronym:  Is it True, Helpful, Innovative or Inspiring, Necessary, and Kind.  The students proceeded set up their STEAM SeeSaw account and started to use it to document their learning.  They also were introduced to Twitter and how to make appropriate tweets.

The students continued the day by learning about the big ideas in STEAM:  The Design Thinking Process and The 4 C’s.  Using their learnings, the students took part in an Instant Challenge; design a habitat that could support life on Mars.  This involved individual planning, group planning, and building of their plan.

The students returned to using SeeSaw to conduct a scavenger hunt around the classroom to familiarize themselves with what the centre had to offer.

Finally, the students learned about reflecting and watched a video on reflective thinking.  After, the students were asked to create their reflections of their first day in SeeSaw.

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