This Week At STEAM: Week 2 – Maker Week

The students became Makers this week!  First, they had to take part in an Instant Challenge where they were tasked to build a tower as tall and stable as possible just from straws.  They also had to identify what problems they might encounter using the straws, and imagine any solutions to the problems.  Using their sketchbooks or SeeSaw, they had to plan, design, and refine their structure.

We read a book called “Going Places” and discussed Maker Spaces and what it meant to be a Maker.  After lunch, the students were able to visit different maker stations.  The first involved constructing a Lego bridge.  The bridge had to span a certain distance, was only able to touch the table in certain areas, and had to support a weight.  Additionally, they were allocated a budget of $250 and each piece cost a certain amount.  The students found it challenging to build the bridge with the least amount of materials.  At the second station, the students had a chance to unleash their creativity in the form of a clay sculpture.  The sculpture could be any kind of magical creature they could think of.  The students had to name the creature and give it mystical powers that would help the environment.  The third station involved creating a pipeline that transported water from one area to another without leaking.  The pipeline had to go over a mountain and around a lake in an attempt to preserve it’s surroundings.  The students had popsicle sticks, straws, clay, tape and paper cups at their disposal.    Finally, the students went digital.  They used to create 3D objects and print them to the 3D printer.

At the end of the day, we discussed the Personalized Learning piece.  The students will be allowed to create a game of their choosing.  It can be a board game, card game, video game…whatever.  They will have to decide on the plot of the game, how to win, design and create the objects in the game and various other aspects.  The game will also have a theme of sustainability, which must educate others on a topic the student chooses.

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  1. What a wonderful opportunity for our students to explore and learn! Thank you for keeping us updated on all of the exciting things that are happening at STEAM!

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