This Week At STEAM: Week 6 – Gaming Week

 This week the students got their game on!
First, the students completed the Index Card Tower instant challenge.  They were given 20 different coloured index cards.  They had to build a card tower with as many levels as possible.  They received points if no same colour cards touched, how tall the tower was, how many levels it had, if they didn’t alter the cards, and how they worked together in a group.  As this was week six, the students were further challenged by having a reduced time to build their tower.
After the Instant Challenge, the students then moved on to all the game stations.  The classroom had both game-based learning and gamification aspects.  With game based learning, the students had to complete reflections after playing the various games.  They had to apply how they used the 4 C’s in the games.  The classroom was gamified by presenting the students with “badges” or “unlocked achievements” after the reflections were completed.  The badges were digital pictures based on the games the students played, and were added to their Seesaw timeline.  The students played quite a variety of games including Uno Dare where they had to figure out what card to play next and be creative with their dares.  In Scrabble Slam, they again had to use their creativity to come up with different four letter words.  During Jenga, they had to use their critical thinking to figure out where to take the blocks from and where to place them without the tower from toppling.  Battleship allowed them to communicate back and forth while using critical thinking to search out the enemy ships.  Minecraft and Super Mario Maker had the students collaborating to create a sustainable structure (e.g. automatic farm) and a chain reaction machine respectively.  The students had to use critical thinking to block their opponent’s moves in Blokus.  Sudoku had the students put their pattern recognition skills to the test, completing both rows and columns of numbers.

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