Block 3: This Week At STEAM Week 3 – Art Week

This week the students had the chance to unleash their creative flair in Art Week!


The day started off with an Instant Challenge.  Up to this point, the students were completing Task based challenges.  This week, they delved into the performing arts and had to do a Performance based challenge.  They had to imagine a fantastic machine that accomplished a task.  They were given an example of a pop bottling machine that had different parts such as the filling station, the cap turner, label maker, and finally the boxing and shipping.  Each group came up with a different machine such as a pizza maker, a robot constructor, and a t-shirt press.


After the Instant Challenge, we read a book called Artist Ted, who explored his own artistic talent of painting.  He also commented that there were other types of artists, such as mimes, escape artists, and sculptors.  I then told the students that I was always Paintin…we had some good groans over that one.


The students then had the option to explore different art stations.  The app Smoovie was used at the Stop Motion station where students had to create a stop motion video from either paper or clay.  At the Art Ball station, students had to recreate the Art Balls ( where they had to focus on the different colours, shading, lighting, and textures.  They had the choice of using the app Paper by 53 or in their sketchbooks.  At the watercolour, pencil crayon, and pastel stations the students could either create their own unique art work or recreate a classic, such as the Mona Lisa or Starry Night.  At the Buddha Board station, the students could create a work of art using water and then film it evaporate using the TimeLapse function on the iPad’s camera.  The students could also recreate the classic works of art in three dimensions using clay and in Minecraft Education! ( )


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