Block 3: This Week At STEAM: Week 6 – Gaming Week

This past week, the students took part in Gaming Week!  Gaming week briefly introduced students to the concepts of a gamified classroom and game-based learning.

The students started the day by creating a Pom Pom launcher from popsicle sticks, elastic bands, straws, index cards, and dixie cups.  The launcher had certain criteria:  the pom pom could not be thrown or blown, it had to use all materials in some fashion, and had to be created using the Design Thinking Process.  The students had to identify what they thought would be constraints to their design, imagine the solutions, plan to use their materials accordingly, and design their launcher.  They would then test the launcher and see how far it would send the pom pom.  After each test, the students would record the result and refine their design, noting what they changed.  Finally, they posted a brief reflection about the experience.

After lunch, the students got into the gaming portion of the day.  They were introduced to a gamified classroom and game-based learning.  The gamified classroom entailed the students earning digital badges or achievements after completing a reflection on each game they played.  The gamed-based learning aspect involved the students reflecting on how they used the 4 C’s in each game.  After each game they had to complete a mini-reflection. The students were able to choose from a wide variety of games such as Jenga, Sudoku, Scrabble Slam, Uno Dare, SuperMario Maker, Minecraft, and Battleship.

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