Block 3: This Week At STEAM – Week 8 Personalized Learning

This week was Personalized Learning Week.  The students were able to explore and expand on any of their learning and activities they participated in during the past 8 weeks.

The students first completed their final Instant Challenge.  This time the challenge was completely random.  They had four different criteria: build something (e.g., a structure or a vehicle), that does something (e.g., keeps us cool, makes a noise), in a place (e.g., storybook land, at a concert), using one material (e.g., pipe cleaners or straws).  They had 5 minutes to plan their design, then 10 minutes to build it.  After the build, the students had to share what their design was, and how it completed it’s task.

After the Instant Challenge, the students reviewed their Persuasive Letter they wrote regarding what activity they wanted to do.  They had to create a detailed plan using a Design Process graphic organizer.  Once completed, the students had the remainder of the day to explore their own learning.  The activities included sketching, creating a stop-motion/green screen movie using clay, using CodeConnect to do coding in Minecraft, and creating 3D designs in Tinkercad.

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