2017 is starting to pick up STEAM

Welcome back STEAMers!  The 2017-2018 school year has started and that means the new STEAM block is just around the corner.  The first STEAM day is October 1st.

This will be the fourth year of the STEAM program and we will continue to push the boundaries of innovative teaching and learning.  The program will remain focused on the Four Pillars of STEAM:  The 4 C’s, the Design Thinking Process, Reflections, and Personalized Learning.

There will be some changes to communications with the student’s home schools.  The weekly ‘This Week At STEAM’ email will be streamlined.  Gone will be the big wall of text, replaced by a link to this blog.  The blog will contain all the information you receive from the email.  The email will still have links to the various social media such as Storify and Twitter.  The STEAM teachers will continue to post from the @WSDSTEAM and @WSDSTEAMFI Twitter accounts.  This year, the students will be able to post to the WSDSTEAM Instagram account.

There will be increased activity on the WSD STEAM blog.  Along with the weekly TWAS, keep on the lookout for other informative posts throughout the year.  There is  a new calendar feature on the blog that allows you to check what days your school is attending STEAM.  The classroom follow up booking system will also have a link on the blog so teachers do not have to go hunting through emails to find it.  Finally, the WSD STEAM FI blog will go live within the first block.

We look forward to meeting all the new STEAM students and connecting with all the schools!

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