This Week At STEAM: Intro Week Block 1 2017/18

STEAM for the 2017/18 year has officially begun!  This week was Intro Week.  We had students from 17 different schools join us at either the Pinkham or Rockwhood STEAM centres.

On their first day, the students learned about the rules of STEAM and the behaviours we would like to see.  They were quite shocked when they were told that at some points they might fail!  They also found out that failure can be a good thing, as they will learn from it.  The students were introduced to the app called Seesaw and learned how it would be used to document their work and provide evidence of learning.  The students had to explore the STEAM classroom and create a post on something that sparked their imagination.  In the afternoon, the 4 C’s (Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication) and the Design Thinking Process were introduced.  The students had to design and build a habitat that would support life on Mars.  They had to include items that would provide oxygen, water, food and form some type of shelter.  Following the activity, the students reflected on their experiences during the activity.

After, the students were read a book, A Walk in the Rain With a Brain.  The book explained that everyone is “smart” in their own special way!  Building on their previous activity exploring the STEAM centre, students had to complete a scavenger hunt to delve deeper into the offerings of the program.  At the end of the day, students completed a reflection on their thoughts and impressions of their first day at STEAM.

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