This Week At STEAM: Week 3 Art Week Block 1 2017/18

This week the students were encouraged to unleash their creativity through different mediums in art.  The week had an architectural theme.

The students started their day by completing a Design Challenge.  The students had to imagine they were archaeologists in the year 2517.  They uncovered a site that contained artifacts from 2017.  In their groups, the students had to design the artifact and explain what it was, its function, and why it was important. The students highlighted their creativity by designing a wide variety of unique artifacts.  Of course there was an iPhone, but some other designs included a pair of glasses, a wheelchair, and a 3D printer!

Following the Design Challenge, we read the book Artist Ted by Andrea Beatty.  The book reinforced that there was more to art than drawing or painting.  The book mentioned other forms of art, such as performing arts like dancing, being an escape artist, or a sculptor.  The students then broke into their groups and were able to visit different art stations that drew their interest.  At the sketching station students could create either a pastel, pencil crayon, or water colour reproduction of a famous building such as the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal.  Using the KEVA planks, students were challenged to create their own structure.  Similarly, the students could use modelling clay to create a unique structure or recreate a famous building.  Using a digital medium, students tried to be as detailed as possible recreating a famous building using Paper53.  Collaborating with other groups, the students tried to recreate the famous buildings in Minecraft. Finally, students were able to revisit the VR goggles.  They had to pick a site from the app Sites in VR and recreate it freehand-  they could not take off the goggles, but draw it in their sketchbook.  It was neat to see their reaction to the drawings when they completed the sketch.



 As usual, the students completed a reflection on their learning.  They are encouraged to explain how they used the 4 Cs and not just recite their activities.  This week, the students were introduced to Adobe Spark Video as a way to record their reflection.  These Spark Videos are able to be uploaded and viewed in Seesaw.


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