This Week At STEAM: Week 5 Gaming Week Block 1 2017/18

Week 5 is now done and we are steadily cruising along.  This week was gaming week.  Although the students played games all day, the focus was on the 4 C’s.

First, the students completed their daily Design Challenge.  This week the students had to create a free standing structure on top of a beach ball.  The original challenge called for the beach ball to be inflated and placed in on a cup in the middle of the room.  The design was slightly modified, eliminating that criteria and seeing if the students would create a tower on an a ball that was not inflated.  The students had quite a variety of materials to work with:  paper, toothpicks, spoons, tinfoil, elastics, straws, and paperclips.  Once the students were finished the challenge, they had to write a reflection describing how they used the 4C’s.

In the afternoon the students could explore different games.  The students had choices that included Uno Dare, Scrabble Slam, Blokus, Jenga, Sudoku, Headbandz, Minecraft, and Super Mario Maker.

After each game station, the students had to write a short reflection on which of the 4 C’s they thought they used.  The emphasis was placed on using language such as evaluating, analyzing, or reflecting on their thinking.

The students completed a final end of day reflection that encompassed all their thoughts for the day.  Next week is Science Week.

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