This Week At STEAM: Art Week Block 2 2017/18

Creativity took on many shapes this week as students showed off their artistic side. The students were challenged to explore this 4C by creating new works or enhancing existing.

The day started off with an Instant Challenge. The students pretended to be archaeologists from the year 2518. They had found the ancient city of Winnipeg. In that city, they unearthed a number of artifacts from the year 2018. The students had to design the artifact, explain what it was and why it was important. This time, the students only had 5 minutes to individually plan, 5 minutes to group plan and 10 minutes to make their artifact and prepare the presentation. To make it more challenging, the students had to self-select groups with the criteria being they couldn’t work with students from their school or work with someone they had previously worked with. There was quite an array of artifacts created, from computers and iPads to everyday things like a pair of glasses.

Following the Instant Challenge, we read a book called Artist Ted. The book followed a student named Ted who was inspired to become an artist. It talked about being a different artist, such as a painter, a dancer, a sculptor, or an escape artist.

After the book students were allowed to self-select the Art station they wished to visit. Each station had an common theme of Architecture, with the exception of one. They were challenged to either recreate an established building, such as Big Ben or the Burj Khalifa, or create of their own. They were able to create digital art using Paper by 53. They could search the web for pictures and enhance them using Pixlr. Getting physical, they could create a building using KEVA Planks or modelling clay. They could use watercolours, pencil crayons, or pastels to sketch their building. Moving digital again, they were able to collaborate with friends to create structures in Minecraft.  Art can also take on a musical form.  Using Garage Band, students were able to create their own theme music and upload it to Seesaw.

At the end of the day, the students teamed up to display their acting talents! They worked together to produce an iMovie trailer for their time at STEAM. They will be able to share the trailers with you at the end of the block.

Next week is Coding week.

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