This Week At STEAM: Special Edition – VR Week Block 2 2017/18

This week the students that attend the Monday session had a bit of a different experience.  We were lucky enough to have a visit from Les Klassen from Campfire Union.  Campfire Union is a homegrown company right here in Winnipeg.  They specialize in real-time VR creation using their app called FlipsideVR.  They are one of only 4 companies doing this type of work in the world right now.

The students were informed last week that they would have to create a talk show.  They had to write a script, storyboard the show, and practice what they would say.  They had to have an interviewer and two guests.  The interviewer had to come up with questions to ask the guests based on their time at STEAM.  They had to specifically focus on the foundations- Design Thinking, the 4C’s, Reflections, and Personalized Learning.

Once the VR was set up, the students learned how to control the environment and manipulate the set.  Each student had about a 5 minute orientation.  In the meantime, the other students would continue to practice.  After the orientations, the students could record their skits.  We had to change the format a bit.  Instead of doing a complete talk show, the students were all asked one or two questions from an off-screen interviewer.  The students all had their responses recorded and we will make them available to you once we have done a little post production work.  In the meantime, check out @wsdsteam or @steamrway

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