This Week At STEAM: Week 4 Art Week Block 3 2017/18

This week the students were able to unleash all of their creative ideas at different art stations!

The day started with a bit of a different Design Challenge.  Imagine it is the year 2518 and archaeologists have stumbled across the ruins of the ancient City of Winnipeg.  They begin a dig and unearth artifacts from the year 2018.  What treasures did they find?  Using craft sticks, pipe cleaners, cupcake wrappers, elastics, string, and paper students had to create a relic that would have been found in the year 2018.  The students had to come up with three ideas independently.  Once the independent planning time had elapsed they chose a  partner had to collaborate on one final idea.  They had to explain what the artifact was and why it was important.  Given the current state of the city, there were quite a number of Winnipeg Jets relics!  Others included the likes of glasses, cell phones, cars, and computers.  The student’s reflections on the challenge included the idea that the challenge was harder because there wasn’t a “fixed” goal and they had to engage their creativity.

We read the book “Artist Ted”. The book talked about just a few of the different arts available – dancing, painting, and sculpting to name a few. The students were then able to explore their different artistic talents.  Continuing with our Personalized Learning model, students were able to self-select different stations to visit throughout the afternoon.  Every student needs theme music when they enter the classroom!  At the Garage Band station, students could create just that! At the sketching station, students were able to make more traditional art using pencil crayons, pastels, markers, and water colour.  Using the iPad app Paper, students could create digital art.  In iMovie Trailer the students could create a movie trailer about all their learnings at STEAM so far.  They could take photographs and practice making digital enhancements to them using Pixlr.  Using KEVA planks students were able to create their own design. They were able to revisit the clay station and start or continue making their environmentally friendly clay creature.  Finally, students had to research famous buildings such as Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower.  They could also search for famous sculptures.  They had to recreate what they chose in PixelArt using Minecraft Education. They could also create their own unique structure or sculpture.

Next week is Science Week!

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