This Week at STEM: Intro Week Block 1 2018/2019

What a great first week and a lovely group of students!


We started the day with an ice-breaker activity that focused on using communication skills; students lined up in alphabetical order by first name, alphabetical order by first name and then by birth order.


We talked about what the acronym STEM means (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and looked at different career options in the STEM field, as well as discussing classroom expectations.

We learned how to use an app called Seesaw.  Students learned how to sign in and were required to complete two activities.  One activity required them to share who they are and what they are passionate about.  Each student shared their work on Seesaw for the entire class to see.  We talked about Digital Citizenship and how to leave proper comments on someone else’s work.  We use the acronym THINK to help us decide if something is okay to post or share.

We learned about the 4 C’s of STEM — creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.  We also looked at the design process and discussed the importance of being a reflective learner.


Then we listed to a story called The Dot.  This story helped guide our discussion on having a growth mindset.


We did our first ever Instant Challenge.  Students were put into teams of 3 and given 2 pieces of paper, some tape and scissors and asked to create the biggest possible paper chain.  Each group showed such creativity with maximizing their resources to create the biggest chain.  We measured our chains and reflected on how we can improve our designs.


The last activity we did was reflect on our experience.  Each student came up with one word to describe their STEM Learning Lab experience.  We combined the words into a word cloud and posted them on Twitter.  Please check out our word clouds on Twitter.


We can’t wait to share all the great things we do next week!

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