This Week at STEM: ESD Week Block 1 2018/2019

We’re learning so many great things already.  Our focus this week was on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

We started the day reading the book Ada Twist, Scientist.  Ada taught us all about persistence and curiosity and how they relate to science.

After that we worked on an instant challenge.  Using the supplies provided to use, we had to make a pipeline that transports water over a lake or mountain.  We followed the design thinking process to help us.

We talked about the successful learner trait: Strategic.

We did an activity on water filtration.  Each group was assigned a country and received a certain amount of money.  There were so many supplies to buy, but not a lot of money to buy it.  We had to be resourceful with our money and make a plan before purchasing any materials!

After we filtered the water, we swabbed it on a petri dish to see whether or not it was actually clean.  Here’s what Wednesday’s groups petri dishes looked like:

We ended the day off by reflected on how we used the strategic trait to help us with our activities today.

Next week is Rube Goldberg week.  We can’t wait to share what we do!

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