This Week at STEM: Rube Goldberg Week Block 1 2018/2019

We started off the day by looking at our Petri dishes.  We couldn’t believe how many things grew!

We did an instant challenge to activate our learning.  Our challenge was to use the materials in the class to make a pompom launcher.  The goal was to get the pompom as high in the air as possible.


Then we learned about the successful learner trait Industrious:

We learned some simple machine terms, like wheel and axle and inclined plane.  Then we watched a few videos on Rube Goldberg machines.

After that, we had time to plan and make our own Rube Goldberg machines.  The most important thing we learned was how important it is to be persistent and not give up! Even though we had to redo our Rube Goldberg machines so many times, we kept trying until we ran out of time!

Next week is gaming week! We can’t wait to share what we learn with you!


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